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Intracranial Pressure (ICP) Monitoring: Latest Industry Trends and Forecast Analysis

Intracranial pressure monitoring market Research Report, by End-users , by Instrument, by method, by Applications - Global Forecast 2024


Pune, Maharashtra -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/21/2017 -- Intracranial pressure (ICP) Monitoring Market Growth Influencer:
The major growth drivers of Intracranial Pressure Monitoring Market is increasing global incidence and prevalence of neurological disorders, rising awareness about neurodegenerative diseases, technological advancements in brain monitoring devices and growing incidence of traumatic brain injuries.
The shortage of trained professionals, high cost of complex brain monitoring devices, unfavorable reimbursement policies and concerns regarding the accuracy of diagnostic devices are the major restraints of ICP market.

Intracranial pressure (ICP) monitoring market segmentation:
ICP monitoring market segmentation can be done by method, market, Instrument, applications and End-users.
- ICP monitoring market by Method: Invasive and Non- invasive
- ICP monitoring market by Market: external ventricular drain, fiber optic monitor, strain gauge transducer and air-pouch device market.
- ICP monitoring market by Instrument: Devices and accessories
- ICP monitoring market by Applications: Traumatic Brain Injury, Intracerebral Hemorrhage, Meningitis, and Subarachnoid Hemorrhage
- ICP monitoring market by End-users: Trauma centers, hospitals, clinics and diagnostic laboratories.

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Intracranial pressure monitoring (ICP) market Application:
Intracranial Pressure Monitoring Market is mainly used in hospitals for patients suffering from brain injury, meningitis and intracerebral hemorrhage. There are multiple ICP products that have been used in hospitals such as Surgical Instruments, IAP-Monitoring, Hydrocephalus, CSF drainage and many more.
The microtransducers and ventriculostomy is included invasive method whereas tympanic membrane displacement, transcranial Doppler, CT scan/ MRI, optic nerve sheath diameter, and fundoscopy is included in noninvasive methods

About Intracranial pressure (ICP) monitoring:
- Intracranial pressure (ICP) monitoring is used in treating patients suffering from severe brain injury. In this process a sensor device is been used and placed inside the head to measure the pressure inside the skull and send it to a recording device
- Intracranial pressure monitoring can be performed in following three ways
- Intraventricular Catheter: is the most accurate method. In this method Intraventricular Catheter is inserted through a hole in the skull and place in the lateral ventricle.
- Subdural Screw: In this method hollow screw is placed in the skull. It is placed between a membrane that protects the spinal cord and the brain.
- Epidural Sensor: The Epidural Sensor is placed between the skull and dural tissue by drilling a hole in the skull

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Intracranial pressure (ICP) monitoring market major players:
- Natus Medical Inc. (U.S.)
- Nihon Kohden Corporation (Japan)
- Philips Healthcare (Netherlands)
- GE Healthcare (U.K.)
- Siemens Healthcare (Germany)
- Compumedics Ltd. (Australia)
- Electrical Geodesics Incorporated (U.S.)
- Medtronic Inc. (Ireland)
- CAS Medical Systems, Inc. (U.S.)
- Advanced Brain Monitoring (U.S.)

Intracranial pressure (ICP) monitoring market regional analysis:
The regional analysis comprises of North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and rest of the world.
North America:
North America dominates the ICP monitoring market due to large number of traumatic brain injury cases. Also, the growing number of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) cases and need for continuous ICP monitoring of the patients suffering from TBI are the factors driving the intracranial pressure monitoring devices market in the U.S. Additionally, Increasing Awareness About Neurodegenerative Diseases and Rising Government Initiatives are also propelling the market towards growth.
North America market is broadly classified into product and applications. Based on product the market is segmented into Extra Ventricular Drainage (EVD) and ICP Monitors whereas based on applications market is segmented into Traumatic Brain Injury, Intracerebral Hemorrhage, Meningitis and Others.
Asian countries is showing highest growth rate in the upcoming years. The growing neurological complications and government initiatives for raising the awareness in people towards the neurological complications and its treatment is driving the ICP Monitoring market. Japan, China, and India are relied upon to be among the highest developing markets for the intracranial pressure devices because of different ventures and research offices.

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