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Introduce Products and Services with Innovative LCD Video Brochures


Shenzhen, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/10/2015 -- Oceanstar-gift's Video Brochures (Synonym: LCD Brochures or Videobrochures ), allows companies to introduce their products, services or events to potential customers using a new form of media they may have never experienced. One that has an incredibly strong impact on 1st time users.

Combining old school print and modern LCD technology, companies can combine high quality videos with printed messages and distribute it in one beautifully packaged brochure. The card operation is so easy; a child could operate it. Just open and play.

Video mixed with print is a very powerful combination, it's been referred to as 'the perfect leave behind'. It's so powerful that traditional pint brochures are quickly being replaced by this vibrant new tech.

Videos can be high emotive and the can convey a message in a way that basic print can only dream of doing. Oceanstar-gift's Video Brochures bring products to life. Oceanstar-gift spokeswoman, Julia Tang, said "Our clients love the power video brochures have. We love to see the unique ways they use our tech to offer their customers a completely new advertising experience".

For companies already advertising with video online, consider video brochures as another addition to your marketing program, it can give companies marketing programs real edge.

Oceanstar Gift Produces Video Brochures in a multitude of layouts, screen/battery/memory sizes, all to ensure that the client can produce the exact product they desire. Brochures can even be semi-finished and shipped to buyer so they can complete the printing process themselves.

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