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Introducing a New Digital X-Ray at Westlake Dental Center in Ingleside, IL


Ingleside, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/16/2013 -- Dr. Joo Kwon, who is a dentist in Inglesideil and Dr. Min Kwon, both belonging to Westlake Dental Center, draw attention to the fact that patients are exposed to excessive radiation when evaluations of their health are made with the help of traditional X-ray equipment. They point out that this radiation exposure happens even in evaluations in dentistry.

Dr. Joo Kwon, who has more than 10 years of practice in general and implant dentistry, continues that patients are already aware of this excessive exposure to radiation and they are genuinely concerned about it. So, according to him, these patients prefer evaluations with the help of digital x-ray machines instead of with the traditional film-based ones.

He further points out that X-rays are one of the fundamental tools for diagnosing issues like infections of teeth and bones underlying the gum tissues. He adds that if people ignore routine dental check-ups and x-rays, they may be affected by issues like pain or bone loss. He emphatically says that dental check-ups without x-rays are analogous to brushing teeth without using toothpaste.

He strongly believes that by incorporating Digital X-Ray, he and his associates can serve patients in a better manner. Dr. Joo Kwon's team researched for many years and have zeroed in on Shick Digital Sensor of Patterson Dental Company, a reputed brand. He expresses his satisfaction and happiness that his team has chosen a high-quality brand that comes with various applications.

Dr. Joo Kwon and his team take pride in announcing that they at the Westlake Dental Center, Ltd. are committed to providing excellent dental care for people of all ages. They urge upon all the patients, both existing and new, to visit their office and check out the new device and also the various other high-tech equipment they have. He requests people to utilize their various promotional offers like the private dental discount plan which they run in multiple locations.

Dr. Joo Kwon, who was born in South Korea and graduated from the University of Illinois and his wife, Dr. Min Kwon, who studied in Yeion-Sei University and the University of Illinois, practice general dentistry in many Lake County areas.

The doctors further add that they and their associates combine state-of-the-art technology with sensible treatment plans to attend to the unique needs of patients with genuine devotion. They assert that their aim is to preserve health of the teeth and gums of patients and alleviate their oral discomfort. They take pride in pointing out that they have utilized their artistic and technical skills to produce aesthetic and durable results and have improved the appearance of smiles in hundreds of patients. They add that they use highly innovative methods and so, the procedures they adopt are minimally invasive. They say that they firmly believe in lifelong learning and so, they keep abreast of innovations through continuing education courses.

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Dr. Joo Kwon and Dr.Min Kwon of West Lake Dental Center have incorporated Digital X-Ray in their office because they want to protect their patients from the excessive radiation exposure that may be there in the traditional X-Ray equipment. These doctors use the state-of-the-art techniques to preserve the oral health of patients in the Lake County areas.

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