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Introducing a New WordPress Plugin Maker Software That Allows Users to Brand Themselves


Pittsburgh, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/01/2013 -- These plugins made with the plugin maker software will place a random quote or tip to each blog post which gives posts extra dynamic content and improves visitors's experience. This will save bloggers time searching for quotes or tips and allow one to get branded as the expert.

New technology and new software are rising in popularity because they allow people with no programming skills to make Plugins and other complicated looking items. By using this plugin maker software, the plugin author get a 'Powered By..' backlink on every post and every page their plugin is installed on with no script-writing or coding needed! In just a few minutes, this software can brand 2 unique plugins in hot niches!

If you are a blogger or have blogging clients that use WordPress for any of the following niches, then this software will change how business is done. [MMO, personal development, success coaching. network marketing, work from home, biz opp, health, diet, fitness, wellness and other similar sub-niches.]

Software that simplifies how we do things including plugins are trending and will continue to rise in popularity as the year moves along. Grab a piece of software that will allow one to brand yourself as the expert, create backlinks and make the search engines happier by visiting this link:

Created by: Marci Aurila & Barry Rodgers