Introducing AeroBase Group - A Small, Minority Woman-Owned Business


Melbourne, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/17/2014 -- AeroBase Group is a small, minority woman-owned business (Cage Code 74B05) that provides parts and supplies to the international aerospace and defense industries. As a minority woman-owned small business, we qualify under the WOSB program of the Small Business Administration for award of federal contracts in WOSB industries. The company NAICS code is 423860.

Our senior management team is highly qualified and proven, having worked together as a team for more than seven years. Together, we have over 140 years of combined experience and the complementary education necessary to develop a company that will have an industry-beating margin performance.

This same proven team, which has led us through unparalleled growth and expansion in one of our country’s worst economic downturns in two decades, now accepts the challenge of leading our branches and programs. Through our talent-rich middle management team, we will launch into our next period of growth and expansion. Our senior management team leads by example, demonstrating our culture and values to our current and future associates.

AeroBase Group is a parts supplier and distributor of aircraft parts, defense parts, ground support equipment, maritime parts, and military aviation parts. AeroBase Group also carries aftermarket, OEM, manufacturer and government excess surplus, and PMA parts. In addition to providing these parts, AeroBase Group also provides value-added services such as sourcing and procurement of customer’s parts requirements.

A Critical Function for the Industry
When aircraft and sea vessels are nonfunctioning, these assets are extremely costly for operators. Besides the disruption of revenue, these disabled vehicles incur storage and docking fees, along with other expenses. AeroBase Group’s proprietary system helps to significantly reduce the time to secure needed parts and minimizes the downtime of these valuable assets.

AeroBase Group (ABG) has developed a patent-pending software technology, designed by ABG’s Founder, Thomas Corrao. This software is multi-functional and delivers critical information in real time, tracking available inventory from more than 50,000 suppliers around the world. The software simultaneously examines the demand for this inventory throughout the industry, among both potential and current customers. Customers include the United States government, international militaries, and commercial businesses.

Benefit to Customers
In today’s aviation and defense industries, locating the parts needed and having a vendor deliver them on time is critical. ABG’s software can simultaneously compare prices and delivery costs between suppliers to secure the most advantageous pricing for its customers.

Our staff has a combined 140 years of experience in aerospace and defense, along with business management. Our customers are assigned individual account managers, who become familiar with the customer’s business and parts requirements.

AeroBase Group feels it is our responsibility to support the U.S. and our allied forces during times of war, humanitarian aid, and peacekeeping events. Whether the need is a quick immediate response or long term support, ABG can provide a solution that meets our customer’s requirements by leveraging our global supply network resources to ensure the mission’s success.

Broad Supplies and Services
In addition to aviation equipment and parts, ABG supplies defense parts, ground support equipment and military parts. The Company also carries aftermarket, OEM, manufacturer, and government excess surplus, and PMA parts. ABG provides value-added services like sourcing and procurement of customers’ part requirements.

Just some of the aircraft we carry parts for include the C-130 Hercules, KC-135 Stratotanker, P-3 Orion, F-4 Phantom, F-5 Freedom Fighter, F-16 Fighting Falcon, F-22 Raptor, F-35 Lighting, T-38 Talon, T-50 Golden Eagle, UH-60 Black Hawk, UH-1 Huey, CH-47 Chinook, Eurocopter Puma, and the SH-3 Sea King. We also handle consignment inventories for various companies, as well as purchase inventory from companies around the globe looking to reduce their stock.

Besides the technology-driven business of locating hard-to-find parts, the Company is also involved in the following businesses:

MRO - Maintenance, repair and operations
We deliver maintenance, repair and overhaul services through a broad network of MRO shops and capabilities.

In stock parts and supplies / government surplus
Our global warehouses and supply chain networks keep aircraft and equipment running at peak performance without increasing maintenance costs.

Government contracting
Through government contracts, we are able to offer total-concept solutions to the maintenance, repair and overhaul needs of aircraft and maritime fleets, as well as ground support equipment.

Aircraft parts dismantling – Aircraft Teardown
By dismantling parts from salvaged aircraft, we can identify components that still have many hours of usable flight time left in them. This way, aircraft maintenance costs can be decreased through the use of parts that otherwise would have been relegated to an aircraft graveyard.

The parts provided by AeroBase Group are designed to help lower the expense of maintenance and development. Both government and commercial entities are suffering from budget cuts and expense reviews, and the use of AeroBase Group can assist in decreasing expenses by repairing and refurbishing existing aircraft as opposed to building or acquiring new ones. The inventory that is available through AeroBase Group consists of certified products that hold the same qualifications as if they came directly from the manufacturer. AeroBase Group carries more than 100,000 line items.

The benefit of our products is that we are able to offer them at a lower price than our competitors while still maintaining a high level of quality and customer satisfaction.

About AeroBase Group
AeroBase Group, a minority woman-owned small business in the aerospace and ground support maintenance industry, is committed to excellence and high levels of customer satisfaction. We partner with suppliers of the highest-quality components and the lowest possible prices to ensure that all of our customers’ needs are met not only in a timely fashion but in a cost-effective manner.

We leverage our custom software solution to track, in real time, inventory levels of needed parts across thousands of suppliers, choosing those suppliers that can provide the parts with the expected quality, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness to maintain business operations without exceeding budget requirements.

AeroBase Group, Inc.
624 Atlantis Rd
Melbourne, FL 32904
Phone: 321-802-5889

Potential Investors may contact us for business opportunities.