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Introducing Christchurch Home Builders - Lawson Homes

Lawson Homes is a dependable home builder that delivers excellent building service in Christchurch New Zealand


Hornby, Christchurch -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/06/2012 -- A person’s home is an important part of his/her life. Shelter is part of the human being’s basic needs. It offers protection from the natural elements and danger from the outside world. It is where a person retires from the day and sleeps at night. It is where a person makes a living, goes about his/her daily life. It’s the person’s sanctuary for privacy. It’s where a person builds and raises a family, creating memories and turning the house into a home. Houses are also an extension of the person and his/her life. It reflects the person’s personality and character based on the design and type of house. Building a house also requires a lot of money, so people always want to get value and quality for what they pay for. Lawson Homes is well aware of all these and more and is committed to helping people in Christchurch New Zealand build the homes that they need and want.

Lawson Homes is one the most dependable and most sought-after Christchurch home builders. They are committed to building quality homes and never going below clients’ expectations. They have a hard-earned reputation from a track record of over 20 years of building excellent homes for the people of Christchurch. Lawson Homes also played a major role in rebuilding homes and architectural structures during the February 2011 Christchurch Earthquake that severely damaged the city. These builders in Christchurch are committed to helping and serving the people of Christchurch is unquestionable.

Lawson Homes also tailors their service to their clients with their different house plans. They offer the Essential Series for the budget-conscious clients. These homes are designed to be easy on the budget, so people can still have nice quality homes that meet all their needs while meeting their budget as well. For people who are willing to spend more to indulge in luxury, they can avail of the Premier Series. People can avail of homes with high functionality and high aesthetic appeal. The company also offers Architectural Builds, where people can have homes with a timeless design and fine details filled with tradition. People can check out these different house plans and get more information from their website

Lawson Homes is also more than aware that when it comes to building, time means money. Unlike other Christchurch home builders that occur building delays which mean clients having to pay more, Lawson Homes works as a single unit, ensuring that the building process is on time.

About Lawson Homes
Lawson Homes is one of the most sough-after home builders in Christchurch New Zealand. They are committed to building quality homes ensuring people get the best value for their money. For more information, contact Ngaire Lawson at or 03 349 5420.