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Introducing Coaching Wall: Be the Best in Sports


Troutdale, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/09/2013 -- It is always heartening to see your children get into sports. Whether they’re interested in football, baseball or basketball, it makes us doubly proud watching them score a goal, hit a homerun or just run around the playing field in those cute little uniforms. However, if your son or daughter is showing real interest and serious talent in a certain sport, you, as a parent, are obligated to give your child your full support. More than anything else, you have to provide your child with positive reinforcement in the form of proper training and coaching.

However, it is a fact that getting the services of a private coach to improve your child’s skills in a particular sport can be quite expensive. A personal coach or trainer could charge you hundreds, even thousands, of dollars just to give your child the requisite training and coaching that will give him or her an edge in any given sport. Fortunately, the advent of the Internet has given parents with sports-minded kids a much better and cheaper option. Instead of spending a fortune on a private coach, they only need to shell out a few dollars by signing them up with Coaching Wall.

With Coaching Wall, your child will have access to what is essentially an online but still very personalized coach. Instead of an actual person pushing your child to his or her limits, your child will benefit from a wide range of training materials that can be found within the site’s many interactive tabs. Its instructional videos alone will greatly help in honing your child’s skills at every facet of his or her chosen sport. The site can also help your kid become mentally tougher through its many brain exercises. Your child will also be taught how to set goals for themselves, just like an actual coach would.

More importantly, Coaching Wall also allows your child to keep track of his or her playing statistics through a virtual scoreboard. Every goal, rebound, touchdown or save your child makes will be recorded there for all the world to see. This scoreboard can be shared with friends and family at the push of a button, and may even be downloaded for presentation to sports scouts should they show interest in your kid.

What about high school and extreme athletes? Coaching Wall helps them as well. Now high school athletes can access their recruitment tab and upload their information and highlight videos. This very cool, professional page can now be sent to colleges, scouts and coaches at the push of a button in hopes of getting a scholarship. Most parents are not aware that almost 85% of all scholarships given out are from division 2 schools through junior colleges. Maybe your child plays extreme sports? They have their own sponsorship tab that acts similar to their recruitment tab. Here they can load their information and highlight videos and send to business at the push of a button in hopes of becoming sponsored in their sport.

About Coaching Wall
Coaching Wall, incidentally, helps not only parents and their athletic children, but coaches as well. With a Coaching Wall, coaches could create a team page where team and individual player stats can be recorded and shared with both the players and their parents. Moreover, Coaching Wall is also active in helping teams with their fundraising efforts. With the great fundraising opportunities that it offers, teams or groups no longer have to solely rely on car washes or selling candy to raise money for travel or equipment.

Coaching Wall offers all these and more, at the unbelievably low price of $5.

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