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Introducing Full Mouth Dental Implants – The New Implant Denture

Full mouth dental implants are great for anyone currently wears full denture or is about to wear dentures. It provides stable tooth replacement that is far better than an implant denture.


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/30/2018 -- Full mouth dental implants can be a more affordable teeth replacement solution to traditional dental implant bridges. Rather than use 10-12 dental implants to replace teeth in a dental arch, only 5-6 implants are used. This significantly reduces treatment cost, while offering the patient full arch restoration. Bucktown Dental Associates now offers full arch dental implants to Chicago residents.

Replacement of teeth with removable dentures offers an unstable solution. A denture usually moves on chewing and reduces self-confidence and self-esteem. Patients try to solve the problem by using denture adhesives. However, unstable dentures cause sore spots and the uneven pressure cause shrinkage of jaw bones. The alternative is to use an implant denture stabilized with dental implants. A better solution is to use full arch dental implants.

Full mouth dental implants are permanently anchored to jaw bones through dental implants. Therefore, they provide stimulation of jaw bones and prevent bone shrinkage. "They also provide good support for cheeks and lips, preventing caving of facial appearance," says Dr. Yasser Elseweifi. Because the full arch dental implants are anchored to implants, they provide more stable replacement of teeth, allowing normal chewing. Unlike an implant denture, they cannot be removed by the patient and need to be removed by a dentist. Usually this is done during hygiene visits.

Full mouth dental implants are also called a hybrid denture or full arch dental implants. The prosthetic part is made up of a titanium bar covered by a pink plastic part that replaces the gum and teeth. The titanium bar provides the framework that supports the teeth and anchors the restoration to the dental implants. Because treatment with full mouth dental implants involve surgery and many restorative steps, treatment can take 4-6 months.

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