Furnace Rental

Introducing Furnace Rental, A Company Providing Heating and Cooling Rental in Ontario

Furnaces Rentals Allow for Easy, Affordable Heating and Cooling Upgrades


Toronto, Ontario -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/09/2013 -- Furnace Rental opens its doors in Toronto, Ontario, providing customers with another option when it comes to energy-efficient heating and cooling systems. Homeowners making use of this company find renting is an easy and affordable way to upgrade to a system which is more energy efficient. "Heating and cooling costs continue to rise, leaving many home owners unable to afford the expense of upgrading their current system to one which costs less on a monthly basis. Furnace Rental (http://furnace-rental.ca) solves this problem, filling a huge gap in the heating and cooling industry," Simon, media contact for the company, declares.

When a customer chooses to make use of furnace rental, he or she receives free installation and pays no upfront costs. There are no down payments or credit checks and the appliance comes with a full coverage protection plan so consumers never pay for repairs. Renters get 24/7 priority service and there are no hidden fees. "Consumers needn't worry about high bills decimating their budget thanks to the rental program offered through Furnace Rental. The money spent for the rental appliance typically doesn't hit the budget hard either thanks to the savings customers obtain by upgrading their unit," Simon continues.

Making use of Furnace Rental is an easy and affordable way to upgrade to cooling and heating systems which use energy more efficiently. "For those customers concerned about paying for the appliance, government grants help to offset the cost and customers are eligible for up to $650 in government rebates. Furnace Rental accepts every customer regardless of credit, providing an option for those who are unable to obtain financing. Save money on your energy bills immediately by upgrading to an appliance which is more energy efficient. Use of the rental program offered through Furnace Rental makes this easy to do," Simon states.

The installation of a new furnace allows homeowners to save as much as 40 percent on their energy bills. The longer a homeowner waits to upgrade, the more he or she overpays the energy company. "Not only will the installation of a new unit save consumers money, these units are better for the planet which is something we all need to be concerned about," Simon explains.

About Furnace Rental
Furnace Rental provides heating and cooling rentals to residential customers across Ontario, Canada, including air conditioners, water heaters and furnaces. Consumers discover many advantages to renting central ACs, furnaces and hot water heaters and tankless water heaters. Heating and cooling becomes easy again with the help of Furnace Rental and this rent-to-own program offers an easy solution along with comprehensive protection in the event a unit breaks down. The worry-free protection plan covers parts and labour so home owners can easily budget the cost of installing a new furnace, AC or water heating system.