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Auckland, North Island -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/28/2013 -- The fitness of the body reflects on the functioning of the mind and well being.  Being diagnosed with illness can hamper the peace of mind for the patient and also for the entire family.  Herpes is one such condition that causes a lot of discomfort and often leads to trauma as finding a remedy is a challenge.  Although it is the most common condition, the impact it leaves on the person is drastic.  After spending most of the bank balance on treatment and fighting with the impact of the medicines, most people still fail to get rid of this unwanted condition.

Research has proved that people who have been diagnosed with Herpes end up becoming mentally weak as they are sure that they cannot find a treatment to it.  In order to address this feeling of helplessness, Resolve Herpes has come up with a remarkable natural based formula that would provide a great relief from Herpes.  The 50 Day Detox treatment by Resolve Herpes is a revolutionary product created after a careful research and administration.  There is no risk of side effects or additional discomfort with the usage of this formula.  It is completely made out of natural ingredients and all it needs is a diligent adherence to the 50 Day Detox program with a gap of one day between the two steps.  In order to aid in ease of intake, Resolve Herpes is color coded in step one where three bottles of minerals need to be consumed in order to detoxify the body.  The detoxification of the body leads to cleansing of the system and eliminates the virus in 36 days.  Post this; there would be a 14-day concentrated detoxification which is the final stage of cleaning the virus from the body.

The entire cleansing system ensures to provide great relief from Herpes symptoms.  Whether it is oral or genital herpes, this 50 Day Detox works wonders and has proven to be provide great results.  The advantage of using this product is that it naturally invigorates the system thereby improving the immune system and letting the virus out from the body.  Resolve Herpes now offers the mineral deposits for an attractive price for a brief period.  To know about the effect of the 50 Day Detox watch the interview at  .  Try Resolve Herpes and see the remarkable difference that it can bring about in just 50 days.  For more information on the product and to place orders log onto

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