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Introducing HomeWarez's Newest Edition - Nonslip Premium Pastry Mats


Amery, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/06/2014 -- Avid bakers need not worry about sticky, unhelpful pastry mats any longer. HomeWarez, with their latest nonslip pastry mats, have solved all dough-rolling related problems. With this latest addition to their array of different kitchen tools, they guarantee all bakers a problem free day in the kitchen. The pastry mat has been planned and manufactured in the United States of America to make sure that the quality is top notch. Special FDA approved silicone has been used in the pastry mat. It is completely hygienic, non-absorbent and flexible. With the help of these top class pastry mat, users can now roll out their dough like professional bakers.

The nonslip pastry mats have been specifically designed for the users’ convenience. They feature different measurements all around the board. The round rolling circles are printed on the mat to make sure that the customers get the perfect dough or crust size without having to pull out any other measuring appliance while they bake. These premeasured circles begin with the six inch circle for tarts. It is followed by the eight, nine and ten inch circles placed on the board for measuring out the perfect pie. Lastly, the mat has the largest, sixteen inch circle for the immaculate pizza crust.

The nonslip pastry mat is a product that can be used by both professionals as well as rookies. It will help the users in rolling out dough for tarts, bread, cookies, pizza, biscuits, pastries and pie crusts. The four corners of the mat are covered with useful tips for baking a number of different food items. The work space required for the mat is larger with its measurements that read at 18 x 24. It has no bumps or inconsistent lumps so that the dough kneads out perfectly. It lays flat and does not slip while it is being used.

One only needs to flour the surface before they begin and then, they are good to go. It is also simple to wash. After it has been used, cleanse it with warm water and soap. Unlike other mats, it allows some sharp edges to be used. One can use cookie cutters and dull knives on this board. The nonslip premium pastry mat is available for sale online at for only $21.97. The plastic used in its manufacturing is 100% recyclable, proving that the makers have kept all aspects in mind while designing the mat.

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