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Introducing Japanese Watch Movement in American Watch Brand


Askim, Sweden -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/13/2014 -- Several countries in the world are popular with the producing of watch movements. Most of the movements, used in wrist watches are designed and manufactured either in Switzerland, or in Japan. Swiss watches are a symbol of quality and they have large popularity. Watch movements from Japan have gained popularity through the last two decades.

‘LUM-TEC’ official expect that the company’s new products will prove to have the perfect watch mechanisms. The company has made watches for thousands of customers worldwide and every watch is made by hand by a team of professional watchmakers in order to ensure high quality.

The new products are made to impress and to attract attention to their originality. All watches are numbered limited edition watches and manufactured only in 100-300 copies per model.

Clients may expect from the new collection to please them with unique and stylish appearance.

Japan with its highly-developed industry produces watches movements with good quality. There are several watch movement producers in Japan. The big three watch brands in the country are ‘Casio’, ‘Citizen’ and ‘Seiko’. ‘Citizen’ is in the possession of the movement maker ‘Miyota’, which produces movements for mechanical ‘Citizen’ watches, but also sells movements to third party brands.

Wrist watches can have mechanical, automatic or quartz movement to ensure their work.

Mechanical movement wrist watches use for their work mainspring that must be manually wound in order to store potential energy. With the slowly unwinding of the spring, energy releases and moves the gears that power the timekeeping functions of the wrist watch.

Wrist watches with automatic movement use energy, produced by motion for the winding of the spring. This movement enables a rotor that spins, when the watch is in motion.

Quartz movement watches have the best accuracy. They are powered by a battery and also have a quartz crystal. For the work of the watch, the battery passes an electric current through the crystal.

There is another type of watch movement and it was produced in Japan. ‘Automatic quartz’ is called the watch movement that has a self-winding rotor mechanism, which generates electricity and a piezoelectric quartz crystal.

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The LUM-TEC watch is exclusive. All watches from LUM-TEC are numbered limited edition watches and manufactured only in 100-300 copies per model.

LUM-TEC is manufactured by Wiegand Custom Watch, LLC, family business,with the goal of producing the best watches. All the watches are being produced in the USA.

The company has made watches for thousands of customers worldwide. They have also designed, improved, and built watches for most other known watch brands.

LUM-TEC watches are built by hand by a team of professional watchmakers. Only superior quality components are used.

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