Introducing MediaGalleryPro: A Video Player with Some New Tricks Including Multiple Video Viewing


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/04/2013 -- Have you ever wanted to watch two or more videos side by side to compare two different scenes in a movie, quickly catch up to the streams that you missed or just have fun? You can have some of that functionality on some conventional media players, but none of them are geared specifically towards providing a seamless experience of simultaneous video playback!

Meet MediaGalleryPro™, a cross-platform video player that doubles as an extremely efficient multimedia organizer. Its main features are ease of use and convenience, letting you watch up to 6 videos at the same time without making them appear choppy or lower quality. It also provides all the standard functionality of an advanced multimedia player. If you are a fan of extreme compatibility offered by VLC, but don’t like the limited sorting options, MediaGalleryPro™ will become your new favorite player across all devices! Other cool features include: Saved Playlists, Pause All, Replace (any video during playback), and Fullscreen anytime.

MediaGalleryPro™ is the only multimedia player that helps you set up your collection the way you would want to do it. It offers simple tools to easily categorize and group together relevant videos, so you can sort your collection and instantly bring up the movies, episodes or personal videos that you want to see right now! MediaGalleryPro™ is more than a media player. It’s a collection of convenient tools accessed with an intuitive user interface. Click here to safely download a FREE trial from CNET.

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