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Bucharest, Romania -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/17/2014 -- Pigeon breeding isn’t new, instead quite an interesting engagement. This hobby has been going on since prehistoric times. This interest is cultured by many across the globe. It requires the involvement of both skills and technology for the refinement of pigeons. They are modified in terms of their linguistics and conduct to match with their food habits, their appeal and for amusement.

The pigeon shelters are known as lofts. It’s aimed to provide a safe environment with the freedom of moving around at the same time. The designs can vary depending on the owner’s viewpoint. There are three trained varies of pigeons, namely Utility, Sporting and Fancy.

They are categorized into the three dominant groups based on their many types.

As the word says, this variety is known for its tender meat. Hence they are utilized for this purpose.

These are homing pigeons that are used for racing. They are nurtured to breed and skilled to perform in the sporting events. Rolling, high flying and diving are some other flying patterns apart from homing.

These are bred to posses certain physiognomy so that they are good enough to be exhibited. Jacobins, Fantails and Pigmy Pouters are some of the types.

So have you been keeping pigeons and lost yourself in the ledgers? Then you can try this new pigeon software created at Handwritten ledgers are long gone ideas and things can be simplified with technology. It can give you a much organized and fast approach to your interest.

What’s in store in this pigeon software?

-You can add a pigeon and its progeny specifics.

-If it’s a descendant of a particular progeny whose data is already fed in the system then it will updated accordingly. Hence no need to enter details again.

-There are other details that you can enter for the new pigeon, such as:

Pedigree type (3rd or 4th generation)
Sex male, female or unknown)
Upload photo
The number for the burrow(nest)
Name assigned
Compartment selection (young bird, flying, reproducer, or something new)
Status(active, lost sold, dead or on loan)
Hatching date
Previous companion details
More information on any other observations

-Once you are done with adding, you can see the list in the main page of the application. Here, you can list, edit data for single or all pigeons, filter, search, calculating the total pigeons and add new slots or status.

-It equips you with a speed and distance calculator, top pigeons, treatments and fancier awards. With these you can analyze the flying velocity and keep a track of the various races participated with the trophy won and much more.

-As you are finished updating any details you are now ready to view the pigeon pedigree at any convenient time. You can even delete a listing or hide as per your requirement.

-The templates help you to highlight the best chicks thereby making it easier to identify.

This pigeon application simply requires you to sign up for free. You can maintain your data for no charges for 15days. This will keep all your data for the chicks that you are breeding and their family tree details.

Upsides of the pigeon application:

-This pedigree generator eliminates the need of manual entry of the sex. It automatically updates the data and allows you to preview, print or forwarding to mailbox of the information.

-Ensures security of the information along with no limits to endless listing of the pigeons.

-If you need any help there is a small box at the bottom of the page. This will provide you with real time assistance on your queries.

-You get free and regular updates and can also access this app in different languages.

-More importantly, you can either use this app online, or on your smart phone.

What can be the downsides?

-There are quite a few pigeon softwares in the market with similar features, so the concept is not completely innovative. However, the simplified approach of the app can create a competition;

-A mobile application could make it easier for people on the go. However, you can still access it by going to the website.

The fifteen days of free trial period can be beneficial for you to decide on the pigeon application. Therefore, to ensure if it suits your needs you can try this at

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