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Introducing Phuket Fit Reviews - A Site That Shares Real Views and Opinions of Phuket Fit's Loyal Customers


Phuket, Thailand -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/11/2014 -- Phuket Fit Reviews, is the official website catering to Phuket Fit's loyal customer base coming in not just from Thailand but from around the world. It allows one to take a grasp and a glimpse of Phuket's fitness scene from the perspective and the experiences of those who tried to make Phuket Fit a part of their fitness escapade.

What is Phuket Fit?
Phuket Fit is comprised of a team of fitness and wellness professionals with specific talents in specific field of fitness and health that would all cater, support and guide those who would like to lead a better and a much healthier lifestyle. Phuket Fit and its proponents aims at becoming one of the inspirations and the building blocks that would help fitness enthusiasts kick anew a much energetic lifestyle. What does Phuket Fit have that other fitness centers don’t? They aim to guide one not just in leading a fitter body and lifestyle but also support and guide anyone in achieving proper nutrition. The whole team is housed in their Training Resort designed by numerous professional fitness trainers across USA, Canada and the UK. It has a full fitness gym, Yoga studio, kickboxing ring bags, TRX Training area, Obstacle course, Health Food restaurant and bungalow varieties. Through these shared amenities, Phuket Fit achieves a well-rounded training regimen complete with exercise and diet options in mind.

To help people achieve their goals, their team of specialists includes a yoga teacher, Phd Nutritionist, weight-loss coach, detox consultant, tour agents (usually for foreigners who wish to enjoy Phuket's other scenery) and a fitness trainer.

A Glimpse of Phuket Fit
In Phuket Fit Reviews, some of the situations or true-to-life scenarios include: how Sophie Moschos from Australia felt much stronger after completing her set in Phuket Fit, how Monique from Dubai was able to lose her weight and be back in shape by eating raw and healthy food as initiated by Phuket Fit, and how Luke Williamson from the US felt really better after only 5 days of juice fast also saying that the group in the Detox House were really friendly and a lot more reviews that sure do prove that Phuket Fit is really the answer if one desires to lead a healthier life or a fitter body.

Detox Routine Reviews
Aside from the usual training, detox is one of the highlight services that complete Phuket Fit's holistic services. Jack B particularly mentions liver flush and how it is not a typical spiritual type of detox. Olivia thinks highly of the fun while doing the detox routine, especially the massages, while Isabella comments about the positive aura emitted by the employees first. Isabella further states that she likes the total program experience with a special mention of raw foods and cleanliness of the facilities.

Its proponents and specialist trainers are encouraging everyone who has already experienced life at the resort to place their views and honest opinions of life within the Phuket Fit quarters.

About Phuket Fit
Phuket Fit is a fitness center comprised of fitness and health specialists who all support and guide those who would like to have a fitter body or who would like to live a healthier life. Phuket Fit is more than just the gym type of fitness center since it supports and guides the customers all throughout their process of reaching goals towards a much healthier lifestyle.

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