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Introducing QRC Technologies WBT Application Package

Writing your own WBT content couldn’t be easier!


Fredericksburg, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/27/2014 -- This powerful API and WBT® framework allows software developers and signal processing algorithm creator’s full access to create useful applications (called WBT Apps) and easily deploy them to the field.

Developing new applications on the WBT couldn’t be easier. QRC provides a Lubuntu Virtual Machine flash or thumb drive preloaded with all of the tools you will need. Using this method, you can be sure you have all the right libraries, versions, and tools to immediately be successful.

QRC is providing the virtual machine with the pre-configured tools for developing custom WBT applications. The tools included are the Qt SDK, Qt Creator IDE, WBT APP API libraries, and example programs.

The WBT App Package is the WBT App "as published" and is intended to be run on a WBT.

WBT Service App Executables
- WBT GUI App code (shared libraries to be loaded at runtime by the WBT Client)
- A Manifest File Containing Application Metadata and Developer Identity Information
- An App Icon
- A License file
- A Config file

Getting Started with QRC WBT App
The Development Guide will provide the process and instructions to guide the user through installing the guest WBT APP Development virtual machine onto a host system (such as Windows). From here, the user will log into the Linux system to compile, and run an example WBT Extension application.

The WBT architecture has been designed with an Open Framework Philosophy. The API extensions are open for all to use and provide everything but the most basic hardware control and synchronization.

QRC Technologies is fully committed to creating a WBT product that is fully extensible to meet a multitude of test and measurement needs in the market.

We welcome requests from industry on how to extend the API to make it more useful to accomplish specific user needs and will continue expanding the API as needed to enable more useful capabilities to the developer community.

About QRC Technologies
QRC Technologies (QRC) specializes in RF Test and Measurement products, especially for cellular communications. QRC develops and produces survey tools for cellular communication systems; phone based measurement, stimulation tools, forensic tools, and integrated RF recording and playback equipment.

QRC was founded in 1987 and has been serving as a system’s integrator since its inception, and in the last decade has expanded with a portfolio of RF Test and Measurement products. The company has over 55 employees in three offices, Gaithersburg, MD, Stafford, VA, and the world headquarters located in Fredericksburg, VA.