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Introducing, a Design Gallery of SaaS & Web Application Websites


Pittsburgh, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/23/2014 -- 2440 Media announces release of a brand new website gallery they recently developed called It aims to be the most comprehensive web design gallery showcasing the best designed SaaS and web application websites for the purpose of web design inspiration. It is updated daily with new websites that stand out with impressive designs and layouts. Its aim is to be a valuable resource for web designers tasked with design and developing SaaS and web application websites.

SaaS CSS' Mission

In its inception, Robert Kruse (representative from the company) says they're doing the web design community a great service by offering this free resource and adds “We love how software as a service websites look. We are also web developers who need a resource to find design inspiration for these types of websites, so we developed this resource not only to assist in our own need but for the website design community at large, to keep up new design trends in software and service and web application design.”

To stay true to their main aim, they also encourage web designers and developers to submit a site they feel are well designed to be included in this free gallery. With this growing database of web app design patterns, the site aims to be the go-to site for designers who are working SaaS website design projects.

Robert further adds “I was surprised to find, by not finding, a single online resource containing only SaaS and web application designs anywhere on the Internet. solves this information gap. Now we don’t have to spending time trying to find SaaS sites because now we can find them all in one place, nicely categorized, and tagged with keywords.”

The site also features a star-rating system for each SaaS website, so designers can vote on their favorite designs.

As a disclaimer though, this is an independent website and by no means are they using their new venture to endorse any products or services in featuring any websites. They do not make money from listing sites in this free gallery and they are in no way related to any of the sites featured. The sites in the gallery are included solely based on their design merit.

About SaaS and CSS
SaaS is simply “software as a service” in long form, while CSS is short for cascading style sheets. Both terms are commonplace in the web design and development industry.

For beginners, SaaS products are usually offered by software companies such as those being featured in the site that offer their software on a subscription basis. Most of the time, these services are also hosted in a centralized manner. In simpler terms, buyers of rent the service and use them for their own good but they don't necessarily own the actual software.

CSS on the other hand is used to help designers describe the actual design and layout of a website. All websites use this to describe their presentation. It is the language of the web.

As a new venture coming from an experienced team of web developers and designers, this website aims one thing: to be the ultimate go-to resource for the best designed software as a service and web application for design inspiration. The service is free of charge. Visit

About 2440 Media
2440 Media is a web design company based Pittsburgh, PA, founded in 2002. It is dedicated to making each client's vision a reality. Their solution is backed with many years of experience, superior mastery of processes, and usage of the latest tools and techniques. 2440 Media has developed a similar web design gallery in 2008 called Cart Craze, a website design gallery focused on eCommerce website design trends and it is still thriving today.


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