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Western Cape, South Africa -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/16/2014 -- Without any controversy, the general interest in sports events and activities are becoming more focussed today in various parts of the world. Online media, social networks and satellite broadcasting has enabled millions of sports fans to closely follow the activities of their favourite players and sports clubs. Sportster aims to bring people even closer to them.

The Sportster Network offers an industry first, Sports Social Network in South Africa!

Our vision

Firstly, the main and core focus of Sportster is to pioneer the sports networking industry by offering a state-of-the-art platform for sport’s players, fans and professionals to connect with each other in their areas of specialization. By sharing ideas, thoughts and connecting with one another each member is able to develop their sport and level of skill.

Sportster also serves as a platform for sports fans to connect with their favourite players for fun, friendship and following. It's quite revolutionary to find a sports network that serves as a social network with some similarities to popular social networks on the web.

Sportster also integrates with popular social networks such as Facebook, thereby enabling people to stay in touch and with their friends at all times whilst enjoying their time on Sportster.

The Coverage and Sports Focus

From the start, it's worth noting that Sportster is so much more than just a sports events and club portal. The network offers a wide variety of sports related functions and resources that enables its members to also enjoy and access:

- Information on the the latest sports equipment and gear reviews through detailed listings of sports products, their features, player reviews and price comparisons from a variety of sports stores.
- Sports Club Centre that enables sports club owners to share, connect and stay in touch with their club members. Members can then easily find, locate and join clubs in their area.
- Sports Events and News including the latest events and news on players, clubs and sporting activities are available to members on a daily basis. Sportster offers a daily updated sports news feed that brings together headlines and stories on all categories of sports from all over the world.
- Sports Classifieds enables members to find, buy or sell used sports equipment online.
- Sports Videos that enables members to watch, upload and share sports videos with others on Sportster.
- Sports Partner search function that enables members to search for possible sports partners, opponents and players to improve their game.

These amazing features on Sportster aims to connect, develop and promote sports players and fans through an easy to use, integrated social platform.

Inarguably, players and fans alike will find the Sportster Network as an invaluable resource to develop their skill and to stay up-to-date on the latest sports events, club news, and sports developments in South Africa.

About Sportster
Are you a sportsman or a sports fan looking for up-to-date information on sports events and sports clubs in South Africa? Visit today to connect with other sports fans and players.

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