Introducing the First Real-Time Interactive iOS APP to Find Trending Instagram Hashtags


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/09/2015 -- Hashtap is the most unique and simplest way to gain followers and increase one's social media presence on Instagram! Simply search any concept or hashtag, and Hashtap connects to the top trending hashtags related to that search, in real-time! Users can then copy these hashtags, and easily paste them onto their Instagram post. It's as easy as that!

Hashtap connects to the top trending hashtags from around the world! These hashtags are live, and are updated in real-time, guaranteeing our users are discovering the most up-to-date hashtag trends based on Instagram content tagging.

Simply search a hashtag, or general term, for example, "Las Vegas" and Hashtap provides an animated info graphic to view the top, real-time hashtags related to that search. Hashtap uses interactive bubbles that are related to the searched hashtag's current social influence. The bigger the bubble --the more the hashtag is trending live!These visual search results allow the user to "tap" through related hashtags associated with the terms in which they are most interested.

All about tapping:

Single Tap – Save the real-time trending hashtag to the "Copy Board" – where users can then easily copy and paste to your Instagram post (limit 30)

Double Tap – Dive deeper into any topic, updating the search and displaying the newest live trends

Hashtap's goal is to connect users to the live world of Instagram by providing them with the most current trending hashtags related to any topic they find interesting. Whether at the Eiffel Tower or at the Super Bowl, Hashtap gives the BEST chance to reach the most users and content by utilizing the most popular current hashtags that associate with any Instagram post!

So tap into the world of Instagram, with 'Hashtap'!

For further information, contact Max Ball at maxjamesball@gmail.com or (818) 456¬-6250.

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