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Introducing 'The Missing Pill': New Book Details the Shockingly Swift Rise of Energy Healing

Written by Dr. John Ryan, ‘The Missing Pill: The Rise of Energy Healing and Conscious Bio-Spiritual Transformation’ provides readers with a foundational knowledge of energy medicine, consciousness-based healing and spiritual development.


Ottawa, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/01/2014 -- In simple, effective language, Dr. John Ryan brings the mysticism of Energy Medicine down to earth in his new book, ‘The Missing Pill: The Rise of Energy Healing and Conscious Bio-Spiritual Transformation’.

A certified Specialist Medical Doctor, Dr. Ryan is equipped with a unique understanding of alternative healing, and is able to communicate somewhat esoteric concepts with his signature easy-to-read style. Though the subjects may seem obscure, readers will be astonished by the entertaining way that Dr. Ryan presents the material, and find that their minds are opened to the exciting possibilities in the world of medicine.

“My book is distinctive due to its consolidation of everything one needs to grasp to appreciate the reality and process of energy and consciousness based healing,” says Dr. Ryan. “I also introduce the curious to a new healing modality, which is termed ‘Unity Field Healing’. It works at the level of our quantum DNA to support healing and spiritual transformation. I know that people will be as thrilled as I am about the myriad of opportunities for alternative healing.”

Official Synopsis:

The Missing Pill is a comprehensive primer that takes you deep into the world of Energy Medicine, consciousness-based healing, and spiritual development. The is the book, the one long-absent in the world of alternative healing, which brings together all the elements required to have a foundational understanding of healing. Catalyzing one’s personal experience, it serves to unravel the confusion encountered when a person first begins and subsequently journeys through the mystical world of energy healing and alternative healing practices.

The book is written by a medical doctor whose life was transformed by a series of mystical and synchronous events, outlined in the book, which led him to discover the validity of an energy and spiritually conscious based reality. Presented in language that is conversational, entertaining and accessible to any reader – it aims to demystify the complex new age world of personal growth, spiritual development, and energy based healing. It makes it personally meaningful and accessible – so that anyone can understand and participate in it's potential!

Written for healers, clients, and anyone curious to get a solid foundation in the world of alternative and energy based healing – this book is foundational. It explores why this is such a remarkable time on the planet, the transformation in health care, the energetic nature of life, the basis of healing through the human energy system, the role of consciousness and spiritual development in healing, and many of the incredible tools available to help anyone in their healing endeavors.

Supported by this foundation, the book also introduces the work of Unity Field Healing … a new healing paradigm based on the awakening “quantum understanding human DNA” and its relationship to healing and self-realization.

Described as “a must read” and “right on time” by pioneers in the field of healing – it is your opportunity to catapult into the new world of healing and benefit from the gifts of this emerging time!

Since its release, industry experts and critics have raved about the book’s life-changing information.

"An impressive primer on the role of energy and consciousness in the physical world and human healing,” from Kirkus Reviews.

"Dr. John Ryan's incredible book is a gift to humanity and an essential read for all on the path of integral wholeness of body, mind and spirit. Thank you John for this important work and for the open sharing. This is a an important work and truly 'must-read!’ from James Tyberonn, Author & Channel for Archangel Metatron.

“In this book he presents the concept of how your own consciousness is the missing pill that the body is craving. He outlines a world of quantum-based healing that is non linear, but still understandable. He is one of the few who will begin to demystify the utterly confusing area of New Age energy healing into a new healing reality for many. At last we have the beginning of credible information to put together one of the most powerful forces on the planet, and use it...Human consciousness. Our bodies are ready, and our DNA is saying "It's about time!" Congratulations Dr. John, for your courage to write this book!" from Lee Carroll Ph.D., AUTHOR & Original channel for KRYON.

For further information about Dr. John Ryan, please visit his official website.

‘The Missing Pill: The Rise of Energy Healing and Conscious Bio-Spiritual Transformation’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1mVCy4l

About Dr. John Ryan
Dr. John Ryan is a certified specialist Medical Doctor, university professor, author and speaker. He has worked for over 20 years in both traditional and energy based healing paradigms, and led countless seminars on emerging topics in healing and consciousness.

In recent years, his work has led him to the mystical threshold of the quantum basis of DNA, its integral connection to the human spirit - and the potential of this awakening knowledge to support the human healing. He loves to bring this esoteric information down to earth - so anyone and everyone can access and benefit from knowledge that is available in this awakening time. His understanding of healing and it relationship both spiritual development and the energetic nature of the human being - are presented in his new book The Missing Pill.

He is the pioneer of Unity Field Healing; a new "quantum" based healing process based on conscious activation of the DNA quantum field to support healing and personal evolution.

When not working and writing - he loves nature, adventure, learning, travelling, spending quality time with his family and friends - and, yes, adoring his Great Dane Miah!

www.drjohnryan.org - Where Healing meets Heart!