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Introducing the MostFit Core Hammer - Fitness Sledge Hammer


West Hills, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/24/2014 -- Sledge hammer workouts are dynamic and fun. With the Core Hammer fitness facilities no longer need a bulky tire. The whole gym can hammer away at once.

MostFit™ is extending its line of unique, efficient, and affordable fitness products with the addition of the Patent Pending MostFit Core Hammer. Sledge hammer fitness is an increasingly popular and effective exercise option. Functional fitness enthusiasts, Cross Fit gyms, personal trainers, and home workout fanatics have embraced sledge hammer workouts and its effectiveness has been proven. The Core Hammer can be easily integrated into a gym’s arsenal of functional training tools and is portable enough to bring to a morning bootcamp class; no tire necessary. Gain core strength, increase explosive athletic ability, and strengthen upper body muscles all with this one innovative piece of equipment.

Sledge hammer fitness engages every muscles and challenges the cardiovascular system. It's great for athletes, fitness savvy folks, and even casual exercisers. The Core Hammer weighs 8 lbs and  can be used in the front yard, outside the office, or at a gym.

The new MostFit Core Hammer is available online for only $199 plus shipping and applicable taxes.

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