Introducing the Updated Honeywell Low/Medium Torque Fire and Smoke Actuator


Fort Lauderdale, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/20/2013 -- Fort Lauderdale - DtiCorp.com ( http://www.DtiCorp.com ) is pleased to announce the availability of the updated Honeywell Low/Medium Torque Fire and Smoke Actuator . The updated actuator is a universal replacement for the existing Honeywell and competitor models. The primary technical specifications (Torque, Timing, Form Factor, etc.) remain unchanged, while new features have been added to enable reversible mounting orientation as well as the option to order with or without internal auxiliary switches.

The updated Fire and Smoke actuator simplifies the replacement process by offering the new time saving installation features as well as reducing the number of models needed by providing a universal replacement. Honeywell is the leading supplier of fire and smoke damper actuators designed for UL555 and UL555S.

Product Information

- Reversible design enables mounting for clockwise or counter-clockwise spring return with one model. This reduces ordering errors/confusion as well as simplifes the ability to stock inventory of a universal replacement.

- Optional internal end switches reduce the installation time and eliminates the need for an accessory auxiliary switch pack that was required in the past for confirming full open or full close of the actuator/damper. The overall price with switches is reduced when buying an actuator with internal end switches versus purchasing an actuator without end switches in addition to an accessory switch pack.

- Clip-in conduit connections have been added to the base of the actuator to simplify wiring and connection of flexible conduit. Installation time is reduced with the new conduit connections that require no tools or connectors to secure metal flexible conduit.

- Simplified shaft adapter enables fast, tight and secure connection to the damper shaft. The new shaft adapter is stronger than used previously and only requires two set screws for all models.


The MS4104, MS4109, MS4604, MS4609, MS8104 and MS8109 Fast-Acting, Two-Position Actuators are spring return direct coupled actuators (DCA) for Fire and Smoke dampers (on/off control). The actuator accepts an on/off signal from a single-pole, single-throw (SPST) controller. Reversible mounting allows actuator to be used for either clockwise (cw) or counterclockwise (ccw) spring rotation. The fast drive and spring return time of 15 seconds make them suitable for building codes requiring fast timing.

Product Availability

Product is available now. Shipments are based on a 3-day service class.

Stocking Models

The following models are the most common for replacement stocking purposes:

- MS4104F1210 – 30 lb-in; 120 V; with switches

- MS4109F1210 – 80 lb-in; 120 V; with switches

- MS4120F1204 – 175 lb-in; 120 V; with switches (Existing high-torque model)

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