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Introducing Tushi Activity Tracker Wristband with Clip


The Woodlands, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/06/2015 -- The number of people who are health conscious has been on the increase in the recent times. People want to stay healthy so they can keep fit and keep ailments at bay. These health conscious people may be glad with the news that Tushi has brought out an Activity Tracker Wristband & Clip that acts as a Sleep Monitor also.

This Wristband and clip can be connected seamlessly to data from iOS and Android cell phones for which Tushi is making available a convenient app known as "J-Style Health." This app runs with Imperial as well as Metric Measurements.

The Tushi Activity Tracker Wristband and clip acts as a calorie counter, a pedometer and also a sleep performance monitor for which users have to use just a single button. So, those who set fitness goals and wish to track and manage their progress real time can make use of this efficient and informative wrist-band pedometer.

There is a silent alarm also on this tool for waking users. This alarm reminds them of their activities, especially those related to their fitness goals, so they can push themselves still harder for achieving their goals they have set for themselves more quickly.

The large blue LED activity tracker display on the tool makes things easy for users because they can read their data whatever may be the conditions. This means they can read the display even if it is dark.

In short, the Activity Tracker Wristband & Clip that can be used either as a wristband or as a clip keeps motivating users so they get optimum results out of their workouts by tracking and managing all their routine fitness activities, says Tushi. Tracking their progress will help users in a number of ways. They can particularly be inspired to push harder or change their workout strategies suitably and if necessary so they can achieve their fitness goals more quickly.

Tushi emphatically says that for those who are serious about their fitness goals, the powerful tool they are offering is a boom.

Those who have used the tool are of the firm opinion that the tool is quite comfortable to use and that it bestows a number of benefits that include tracking their steps as well as sleep and also acting as a silent alarm.

There are other users who laud the clarity and brightness of the display on the tool. They add that its battery life of the tool is good. Since this attractive wristband is made of soft matt material, it is extremely usable even when users are sleeping. They will be able to know how well they are sleeping and if they think that there is a necessity, they can change their sleep patterns as well.

About Tushi Wristband and Clip
Tushi Wristband and Clip that can be used either as a wristband or as a clip is a boon to fitness conscious people. They can track and manage their fitness activities as well as quality of sleep. This will help them to push themselves suitably and if necessary so they can achieve the fitness goals they have set for themselves more quickly. They can effect changes in their sleeping patterns also for deriving maximum benefits.

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