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Intuitive Spanish Vocabulary Method Dramatically Accelerates Fluency Without Word Memorization


Yucatan, Mexico -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/29/2011 -- The new Spanish Vocabulary Genius program is helping many people to intuitively learn Spanish vocabulary in a fraction of the time of other language courses. The innovative Spanish lessons work by teaching students how to easily convert thousands of English words into perfect Spanish without memorization or word lists.

Recent improvements in the science of learning languages have brought greater understanding of how the human mind learns languages. This has led to the development of new language learning techniques for achieving fluency in Spanish in a fraction of the time of traditional courses.

Traditional Spanish lessons involve rote memorization of Spanish words—many of which are unnecessary. The Spanish Vocabulary Genius program allows the user to rapidly increase the size of their Spanish vocabulary without trying to learn or remember words at all. The course requires no writing, rote memorization or word categories—just intuitive learning. “The truth is that a Spanish vocabulary consisting of just 3000 words is normally enough to equip you for the vast majority of conversations you’ll conduct,” said the course developer.

The course centers on a simple way to quickly amass a working, everyday Spanish vocabulary of more than 2,000 words through the use of simple conversion rules. These rules divide English words into categories according to how the endings of the words are spelled. A total of 21 categories have anywhere from fewer than 100 to 400 words per category for a total of 2,000 words. “Rather than memorizing thousands of words, the student is learning how to conjugate a small group of verbs,” said the developer.

Although the Spanish lessons course developer is in the process of setting up private coaching seminars costing hundreds of dollars, he is offering the course for a limited time at just $37 dollars. The course consists of 21 video lessons taught by the developer and includes a complete 108-page companion course book with all words and conversion categories. For those ordering now, the developer is adding a free Instant Spanish Verbs course addendum that adds an additional 288 Spanish verbs. The course comes with a 100-percent money-back guarantee. For more information, please visit http://www.lets-learn-spanish.com/

About Spanish Vocabulary Genius Program
The program utilizes proprietary methods and techniques to dramatically accelerate various aspects of the learning process to achieve fluency in Spanish. The 21-video course and companion course book taught by the expert utilizes a conversion rule applicable to thousands of common English words that eliminates rote memorization techniques. The methods and techniques were developed by an avid language enthusiast/expert with more than a decade of experience in foreign languages.