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Inventor Brian Bronson Announces Funding Drive for an 85% Efficient Energy Device

It began as an idea while watching a film. Now, Brian Bronson is finally taking his invention public. Introducing, the “Bronson Energy Device”.


Wayne, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/19/2014 -- Brian Bronson has always been what he calls a “backyard inventor”. Creative and imaginative since childhood, Bronson shares his ideas, flashes of inspiration and patent-pending products on his website.

Today, Bronson is announcing a funding drive for his most innovative product yet – the “Bronson Energy Device”. Consisting of two common devices and one home-made, this device creates a total output of 20KW and is designed to reduce energy costs and make energy output approximately 85% efficient.

By comparison, Bronson points out, high-end solar panels are approximately 30% efficient, while wind turbines can be 40-50% efficient in areas with consistently high winds. The “Bronson Energy Device” is unique in that its input power can be anything from solar cells and wind turbines, or as Bronson once tried, “a bicycle dyno”. This versatility makes it one of the most fascinating inventions in recent years.

“The device is eco-friendly and easy to use,” says Bronson. “So far, I have run simulations in ‘Autodesk Inventor’, and my aim is to receive sponsorship and funds so I can build a working prototype.”

The “Bronson Energy Device” was a light-bulb moment for Bronson, who thought it up while watching – of all things – a children’s film.

“I was watching ‘School House Rock’ and there was a cartoon about running a generator,” says the inventor. “It just hit me – I asked myself, ‘what is the least amount of parts needed to make the most amount of energy?’ So began this 18-month journey. I began researching parts and running complex physics simulations. It’s been exciting and tough and challenging. But it’s what I love to do.”

According to Bronson, his “Bronson Energy Device” can run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year at a continuous 85% energy efficiency rate. While he admits that no invention can be maintenance free, he does believe that even with only minor maintenance, his device could last up to two decades with consistent service.

Opening for donations, the funding drive will allow Bronson to create a proof of his concept, as well as a fully working prototype.

For more information on Brian Bronson and how to contribute to his funding drive, please visit his website.

Stay socially connected with Brian Bronson by visiting his YouTube page.

About Brian Bronson
The inventor lives in Wayne, OH.