Inventor, Founder and CEO George Vilanakis Looks to Start Manufacturing the H2Only Battery with Funding Assistance via Indiegogo.


Athens, Greece -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/31/2014 -- The H2Only Battery is the only rechargeable battery in the world that is activated with water; or any liquid. It is capable of producing electricity from water anywhere, anytime. Over and over and over again!

Top features
Production of electricity anytime, anywhere – this battery can keep going at full blast for 8+ hours every day without re-wetting.

Easy to use and safe; even for a small child - just instantly dip the battery in water or have water flow through it, and electricity will be produced. The battery has even received the 'CE' mark for safety; that’s a first for a battery.

No expiration date, unlike all other batteries – never, ever have to worry about being in need of a battery and wondering if it’s going to work. No worries about chemical leaks or expired batteries.

Longevity: it will be there for many, many years – once it dries out after the water evaporates, it will not disintegrate; ever. It will always be ready to be re-activated.

Pollution-free with no toxics or chemicals - no need to worry about polluting the environment with leaking chemicals or any other of that nasty stuff that batteries contain.

Renewable, recyclable, sustainable - 100% recyclable; the battery can be reconverted into a new 'H2Only Battery'! When users send them back, they'll be provided with replacements at reduced price!

Funding support will allow the manufacturer to gather funds required to lead them into manufacturing so they can make their ‘H2Only Battery FLASHLIGHT’ and ‘H2Only Battery LIGHT’ available to millions of people who seek a piece of mind in an emergency, or even more for those who are deprived of electricity in their homes.

This campaign will only receive funds if at least $87,500USD is raised by its deadline. Funding duration: January 17, 2014 - March 03, 2014 (11:59pm PT).

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