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Inversion Table Guide Reveals How Being in an Upside-Down Position Alleviates Back Pain

Since an inversion table can be used for a long period of time, safety, comfort and price must be considered in buying the best table which suits one’s needs.


Providence, RI -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/22/2014 -- The skeletal system is composed of bones which are responsible in protecting various organs inside a human’s body. The bones of the pelvis and lower back are those which support the body’s weight, anchor and abdominal and hip muscle, and protect the most delicate vital organs of the vertebral and abdominal cavities.

Humans experience back pain as age progresses. Back pains are normally caused by previous injuries and other factors such as the wear and tear which causes the weakening of the discs between the vertebrae. Another cause of back pain could be the swelling of the discs which causes pain and numbness. Sometimes the pain is unbearable thus a person suffering from back pain find a permanent solution to remove the burdensome feeling or at least alleviate the pain.

The use of Inversion Tables to treat back pain is one of the best options today. It may lessen the costs of chiropractic visits and eliminate the side effects of surgery. An inversion table is an upright table usually mounted on a steel or other durable metal frame. A patient is strapped securely on the table and is put at any angle, up to a full 180 degrees upside-down position. The inversion table stretches out the spine which then allows spaces within the discs. The science in the inversion table is that it defines gravity backwards on the human body as gravity takes its toll as age progresses. “In theory, inversion tables or inversion therapy takes gravitational pressure off the nerve roots and discs in the spine and increases the space between the vertebrae,” according to an article written by Dr. Randy A. Shelerud.

Inversion tables also boasts of a lot of benefits compared to the other types of back pain treatment.

Affordable and Portable: There are a lot of inversion tables available in the market these days. Compared to undergoing numerous therapy sessions and paying for the expense of chiropratic visits, having an inversion table still costs less. A person experiencing back pain can simply strap himself on an inversion table anytime the pain becomes unbearable.

Promotes Better Blood Circulation and Relaxes Muscles: Being strapped on an inversion table upside down does not only alleviate back pains fast, it also promotes better blood circulation because putting the human body in an upside-down position increases the distribution of the blood on all body parts. Using inversion tables also relaxes back muscles because of the inversion motion in provides.

Relieves Stress: Remaining in the same position the whole day especially having a sedentary way of life causes lots of stress to the human body. Minor pain on the neck and the back are also sometimes caused by stress. The use of inversion table decreases the stress in the back and neck thus giving a feeling of relief and bliss.

Fast and Permanent Relief from Pain: Inversion tables can provide constant relief from back pains especially when done regularly. There will be a significant decrease in pain in a few minutes when an inversion table is used.

Maintains the Health of the Joints: Inversion tables, when used regularly, decreases the pressure on the joints in the human body and relaxes them. Because most of the pressure and weight on the human body is being put on the ankles, hips and knee joints they are more prone to stress, thus using an inversion table regularly is recommended especially to the elderly.

These are just among the few benefits of owning an inversion table and being strapped upside-down. Since an inversion table can be used for a long period of time, safety, comfort and price must be considered in buying the best table which suits one’s needs. It is always best to choose the one with a sturdy design which can support numerous pounds. After all, a money well spent produces a back which is not bent.

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