Inversion Table Guide Unveils Its Latest Reviews

Reviews allow customers to learn essential information about popular inversion table brands, reports


Grand Rapids, WI -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/01/2014 --, a site that reviews inversion tables, has released its latest two reviews. One is on the Teeter Hang Ups models, and another is on the Ironman inversion table brand. These devices are used by people who suffer from back pain and other such problems to stretch out and gain relief. As their name implies, inversion tables allow users to flip almost upside-down. This reverses the normal pull of users' body weight and allows the related muscles to be stretched rather than compressed by gravity.

"We look for a few key factors when reviewing inversion tables," said Kelly E. Meier of "Safety is the number one concern with any piece of equipment, so we consider that first. To gain a mention on our site, the table has to be sturdy and reasonably expected to be able to hold a person's weight. The next important issue is comfort. The amount of padding a table has can make the difference between one that is dreadful to use and one that's enjoyable."

As with many other types of equipment, there are different pricing levels to be aware of. Some of the price differences have no particular reason, but there is a correlation between sturdiness and cost. This is because a sturdier table requires thicker metal and other materials, which raises the cost of production. While many people will be able to use tables in all price ranges, heavy people will find themselves limited to the high-end models. High-end models have the construction needed to support more weight.

"Once we're done looking at basic factors like safety and comfort, we check the details that can make or break a table," explained Meier. "For many people, a key issue is what it takes to reach the leg clamps. Those who have trouble bending over won't want a table where that's what it takes to secure the ankles, and many users of these tables have to watch out for that. Therefore, we make sure to note things like what is required for operation. We also look at portability and other important factors."

This attention to detail is easy to see in the site's Ironman inversion table reviews, which note that the Ironman Gravity 4000 has a convenient long handle and that the lower-priced Ironman LX300 is "surprisingly well-built." Its Teeter Hang Ups reviews have a similar level of detail, mentioning that the Teeter EP-960 is comfortable, sturdy, and supports 300 lbs. These quick reviews make it quick and easy for viewers to find the inversion tables that will meet their needs.

About is a site that focuses on making it easy to learn the differences between inversion tables and find the ones that will meet viewers' individual needs. Its summary reviews give key points in a quick format, while detailed reviews provide in-depth expositions. This combination allows viewers to spend as much - or as little - time as they desire to find the models most suited to them.