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Santa Ana, Costa Rica -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/28/2015 -- According to industry experts, the main concern of real estate investors is where to purchase a property. Investors want to know where the best place to invest in real estate is and when is the right time to buy. Costa Rica real estate investments can be incredibly profitable and can provide many benefits, but only when the person invests in the right place at the right time. Depending on your nationality, there could also be significant tax benefits when you invest in Costa Rica real estate.

WeLoveCostaRica.com showcases the real estate investment opportunities currently in Costa Rica. According to the website, Costa Rica is a proven reliable investment opportunity and one that many of the top hotels and institutional investors are currently investing in. Costa Rica real estate investment is not just for the big businesses, though. The website teaches individuals how to start investing in Costa Rica real estate.

According to Scott Oliver, owner of WeLoveCostaRica.com and author, "Costa Rica is an amazing investment opportunity, as can be seen by looking at the number of big investors investing over $4 billion in just this one area. It offers many benefits for people who are not currently living in Costa Rica." The website currently has over 25,000 registered users who enjoy access to all the information they need to make a sound investment decision in Costa Rica.

The benefits of Costa Rica real estate for sale include protection of assets from litigation, tax advantages, diversification, and a safe haven for a family. Americans Living in Costa Rica love the local community because of the beaches, beautiful lands, gorgeous weather, and the infrastructure. Those who don't want to relocate to Costa Rica can still enjoy their beautiful investment home whenever they visit. It's an easy way to invest - unlike some countries foreigners can own Costa Rica real estate - and the investment can be done even if the person doesn't live in Costa Rica and is not planning on visiting in the near future.

The website, WeLoveCostaRica.com offers tips and advice for those who are serious about investing in Costa Rica. It gives readers the chance to learn about important reasons to invest right now and why to choose Costa Rica for an investment opportunity. Readers can check out four problems with investing in real estate and how to avoid them to ensure a successful investment. Investors can also learn more about the big businesses that are currently investing in Costa Rica, where exactly they're investing, and how they're choosing the right place to invest in.

Oliver stated, "We teach people how to invest alongside institutional investors to maximize their investment potential. Joining the website today gives investors the chance to learn about hundreds of available properties, read exclusive articles and e-books, watch more than 300 videos about Costa Rica real estate and read the biographies of trusted Realtors." Anyone can join today and learn how to invest in Costa Rica and the many benefits these investments may offer.

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