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Tulsa, OK -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/01/2016 -- Buying a computer monitor should be as easy as buying a brand new television set, but it would be worthwhile to know the latest trends to determine what is most suitable for you. Like the CRT (cathode ray tube) monitor is already being phased out and replaced by the flat LCD (liquid crystal display) screens. The screen size of LCD's has also increased including its height and width so that you choose between the standard size and a widescreen. Let us go further into the details.

The basic considerations when buying a computer monitor is the budget, the space and computer usage. Like if you are considering buying a computer monitor that is inexpensive, there are good brands that cost a little over $100.00 like an HP widescreen 1858 or you can go for the higher models such as the HP 27-inch with a price tag of $363.00. However, if there are no budget constraints to worry about, then you can splurge on a Dell Ultrasharp that costs almost a $1,000.00 or you may prefer the $500.00 range of the LG W2486L. Another good brand that is high on the list for its price and its features is the Samsung SyncMaster.

The old CRT monitor has been displaced by the LCD monitor primarily because of its size and weight and because the CRT is not energy efficient. The design of LCD monitors is sleek and elegant compared to the CRT which is bulky and occupies so much desk space. However, when it comes to viewing quality the CRT continues to have an edge because the color range display is maximized. A CRT monitor also allows you to view the images at any angle without distortion unlike an LCD where you need to view the image from the center. That is why the outmoded CRT is still the monitor of choice for graphic artists, photographers, video editors and those in the multimedia profession. Other than these two advantages inherent in a CRT monitor, the LCD monitor is still far superior in quality and functionality. LCD monitors are also environment friendly and this should be a good reason for you to consider buying a computer monitor to upgrade and replace your old one.

Ask your dealer about other factors when buying a computer monitor such as compatibility when you upgrade from a CRT to an LCD, connectivity options, contrast ratio, and standard or widescreen options. For more information please visit

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