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Toronto, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/17/2016 -- Specializing in personal, corporate, and forensic investigation services, Investigation Hotline offers internet and social media investigations to address a wide array of online crimes and cyber harassment. The procedures used by this private investigation firm provide credibility and continuity to preserve evidence and ensure it is legally admissible in court.

Far too often, people assume they can rely upon DIY methods for gathering evidence online or turn to so-called "specialists," not realizing their methods could actually contaminate the evidence and make it inadmissible in court. In addition, some of these methods could be considered illegal gathering methods and could even rely upon the use of unethical processes to obtain the desired information.

According to a leading investigator at Investigation Hotline, "The last thing someone expects, when attempting to gather information and evidence on their own, without help from an actual professional service, is discovering later in court, all of the time and money they have invested was for nothing, simply because the courts determine the evidence was obtained illegally or considers it contaminated and will not allow it to be presented."

In addition, in regards to social media sites, most people typically think of the top sites, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, but do not even realize there are over 200 social media sites used throughout the world. This means the evidence and information they desire might not be posted on the sites they are familiar with, but rather on another popular social media site they may not even have heard of or are aware that exists.

At Investigation Hotline, they have an extensive knowledge of all social media sites being used world-wide and know which methods and technology to use to gather information and evidence so it can be obtained ethically and legally, while adhering to all federal laws and regulations.

For more information about Investigation Hotline and the Toronto private investigator's social media and cyber harassment services, or other personal, corporate, or forensic investigation services, please feel free to visit their official website at or contact an investigator by phone at 416-205-9114.

About Investigation Hotline
Since 1988, Investigation Hotline has been helping people and businesses throughout the GTA, following the principles of professionalism, legality, and trust to deliver effective results to not only meet, but also protect our clients' interests. The Toronto private investigator agency consists of forensic examiners, detectives, security experts and investigators and utilizes the latest digital tracking methods, technologies, and intelligence gathering procedures to ensure meticulous results above court standards, should they be required for legal proceedings.