Investment Crowdfunding Poised to Take off in 2014

Investment Crowdfunding is expected to take off this year, but there are still many uncertainties that remain.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/19/2014 -- It has been predicted that Crowdfunding is going to be a big source of small business investment capital in the near future and the growth isn’t going to be limited to the United States. Along with the community in the USA, the European business community is turning to Crowdfunding as a major source of capital. During the year 2012, the popular website called pulled in $100 million from small investors. To date, many have been raising money on Kickstarter. Despite it all, while investment Crowdfunding is poised to take off this year, there are still many uncertainties that remain.

A large amount of Crowdfunding Portals/Platforms have popped up including:

- Kickstarter
- Rockethub
- Indiegogo
- Circlueup
- Microventures

A lot of uncertainty remains and it is still not clear how crowdfund investors can earn a return. Some believe that by methods such as acquisition of the crowdfunded company, secondary markets, payment of dividends, convertible debt notes, etc, one may be able to earn a return.

When it comes to crowdfunding, there is money to be made for both small-amount investors and website owners that manage crowdfunding accounts. The economy downfall has made it hard for new businesses to get money and there are some cases where it is almost impossible. New businesses can turn to crowdfunding when traditional financial institutions are not willing to give a loan. Crowdfunding will take a risk when a bank will not. Due to this reason, it is going to be a large economic driver. Traditional Wall Street financing should watch out, because in just a couple of years, the impact this form of investing will have is expected to be big.

Crowdfunding Professional

There’s a new breed of crowdfunding professionals that are on the rise, including: videographers, campaign managers and pr specialists. Numerous companies claiming to be Crowdfunding professionals have popped up. Running a successful campaign required a large amount of skills that only a Crowdfunding professional will be able to help with. The professional that is hired should have proof of their skills and knowledge. Many are turning to This site is packed full of how-to guides, articles, interviews and a directory of Crowd Funding professionals.

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