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Investment Property Publishes Timely New Take on Queensland's Real Estate Market

Company's analysis of situation in Queensland reveals continued strength and new opportunities for investors, Investment Property reports


Maitland, NSW -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/08/2014 -- Investment Property, a leading investment mentoring and facilitation firm, announced the release of a new report focusing on Queensland's real estate market. The company's perspective on the situation, available for free to visitors to its website, calls for prices to continue rising in the near future, even while selected opportunities for investors to buy remain available. Investment Property provides a wide array of investment-focused services, ranging from introductions to property investment aimed at those with little background, to the company's Platinum Membership, which grants access to an exclusive database of pre-selected real estate listings.

"As in most of the country, the real estate situation in Queensland is becoming ever more intense," Investment Property representative Kate Rollan said, "and our new report is going to help those interested in opportunities in the state figure out what is what." With an economy buoyed by the resilience and steadiness of the coal-mining industry, Queensland's real estate market has held much in the way of appeal for developers and property owners as of late. Investment Property's new look at the state of the market there points out a number of likely future developments, anticipation of which will help investment-oriented buyers make the most of their efforts. The report should therefore be considered required reading for anyone with such ambitions.

One of Australia's leading property investment specialists, Investment Property caters to those of all levels of investment expertise with a variety of different services. The company's entry-level offerings, as exemplified by reports like the popular publication "The Biggest 3 Mistakes People Make When Investing in Property," also available for free at the company's website, aim to help novice property investors establish themselves without taking on inappropriate risks.

For more advanced investors, Investment Property offers free consultations that can be used to help craft productive and appropriate strategies, as the company's experienced advisors are well-suited to assessing individual investors' circumstances and helping each to create a suitable property investment plan. This intermediate level of service equips many of the company's clients with the tools they need to grow further and enhance their financial security, an especially valuable gift at a time when so many Australians are unprepared for retirement.

For the most advanced and qualified investors, the free Investment Property Platinum Membership level offers direct access to a stable of the most desirable investment properties in the country. Working with many of Australia's top developers and real estate experts, the company vets and selects those properties that are most likely to produce the kind of rental returns and property value appreciation that avid investors seek. By buying investment property through the company, then, investors can be assured of selecting the cream of the crop, something that makes their job far easier.

As part of its mission to help members master the sometimes-difficult Australian real estate market, Investment Property conducts regular surveys of the conditions in each of the country's states and territories. The newly released report focusing on Queensland is available immediately to visitors to the company's website, where information about the rest of the available services and offerings can also be found.

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A leading Australian property investment specialist, Investment Property provides a range of services aimed at assisting investors of every level of experience and confidence, from basic grounding in the subject to access to a curated inventory of likely high-performing investment properties.