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Former Cop Turned Millionaire Investor Giving Away Free EBook


Ontario, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/28/2011 -- To meet him today one might not guess that real estate investing success Sunil Tulsiani was a former police officer. Having been featured in magazines, newspapers, radio, television and even owning his own real estate investment company (Tulsiani Investments), Mr. Tulsiani now enjoys a lifestyle that is far removed from his humble beginnings as a Toronto police detective.

Like most new parents, Mr. Tulsiani realized that his work was interfering with his responsibilities and desires as a new father. Working as a police officer was certainly rewarding, but he needed an easier way to make money that would require far less time- especially as he worked extra hours and became further removed from his family.

He saw that real estate investing was a viable solution, but he had zero experience or knowledge, and worse yet, didn’t have a nest egg to bank roll his investments.

Nonetheless he decided to try anyway, and with a tremendous leap of faith he committed to the goal of purchasing 12 investments in a one year span- all this as he took an unpaid leave of absence from the force.

Long story short, Sunil ended up with 77 investments that year and a real estate investing system that made himself and others millions of dollars through real estate.

Unlike some other real estate coaches, Sunil doesn’t claim that he discovered a “secret” or a special “loophole” in the system; but instead attributes his success to sound principals, logical investing methods, and a steadfast will to succeed. With that, anyone can be successful in real estate, says Sunil.

To prove this, “The Wealthy Cop” is giving away his free EBook “Cash Cow Properties” for a limited time to aspiring real estate investors. The book outlines how anyone, regardless of their knowledge or economic situation, can make massive profits through real estate investing.

Some of the topics of the free EBook include:

-How to buy homes for less than $1,000 down and how to flip them for top value
-How to purchase homes with no credit checks
-How to profit from homes with no equity- even low cost homes
-How to avoid the common mistakes that others have made with real estate investing
-How to soar real estate investing profits with no risk of losing personal money
-How to make real estate profits quickly and easily

Giving away 45 pages of his most fiercely guarded principals, Sunil hopes that the free promotion will convince people that real estate investing is for everyone, not just for those who are knowledgeable or “gifted” in some way.

Regardless of the market, pre-existing funds, or previous experience, the deciding factor comes down to the will to succeed, says Sunil, and the belief to push through the fear of the unknown.

Sunil himself put it succinctly when he said: “Belief in yourself is where the power lies to become financially free.”

To learn more about real estate investing success Sunil Tulsiani, or to grab his free EBook “Cash Cow Properties,” please visit: http://www.privateinvestmentclub.ca/ccp