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Invisible Excavations Launches Efforts Highlighting Benefits of Trenchless Technology

Making the investment in no-dig equipment and training saves customers time and money, publishes


North Royalton, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/06/2015 -- According to home improvement information website, the cost of traditional excavation reached an average of $13,000 earlier this year with prices varying depending on size and complexity of the project in question. This figure does not account for expenses associated with replacing lawn and hardscape features upon completion of digging. The staff of Invisible Excavations has observed the mounting financial setbacks of such undertakings for more than three decades.

In light of the issue, company spokesperson Brian McDermott has launched efforts to increase awareness of the benefits of trenchless sewer replacement in Cleveland. Said McDermott, "We decided to make the investment into the latest 'no-dig' equipment to help save our customers both time and money. The trenchless technology is the best way to do this. Invisible Excavations will be addressing the pipe rehabilitation needs of all residential and commercial customers for the greater Cleveland, Ohio area for the next 30 plus years."

Conventional practices require unearthing and replacing sewer lines followed by refilling any trenches dug out over the course of the project. Once completed, any landscaping or pavement disrupted during the process must be restored. With trenchless technology, only a small hole needs to be created. Though this course of action is comparable in cost to its more invasive counterpart, the time, labor and expense of rehabilitating lawns, driveways and roads afterward are eliminated.

Two primary methods of pipe replacement exist in this field. Using a technique known as pipe bursting, a new pipe is sent through the damaged one already in place. This can often be carried out regardless of the condition of the old pipe. In the event current pipes and joints have not collapsed, a specialized lining may be implemented rather than resorting to replacement. With this strategy, a pliable resin-coated tube is inserted into the damaged pipeline and inflated using a bladder.

Those having a new home constructed or additional sewer lines installed may consider directional drilling in Cleveland. This process utilizes a boring machine to create pathways for new pipes instead of digging trenches to connect to existing lines. Pipes are installed and connected to the necessary outlets, yet landscaping and paved areas are not disturbed.

Concluded McDermott, "Our trenchless techniques can reduce the time needed to complete a project to 24 hours in many cases as opposed to several days or weeks when using traditional methods. We also offer Cleveland sewer inspection using state-of-the-art video technology. This allows us to determine where problems originate without having to dig up the lines. We are proud to offer these services to our communities and will continue to update our training and equipment as new technology develops."

About Invisible Excavations
Brian McDermott of Cleveland, Ohio is a state licensed plumbing contractor for over 30 years and is currently training the fifth generation of his company to continue serving the greater Cleveland area for the next 30 years. Invisible Excavations has specialized in all aspects of trenchless sewer repair and directional drilling for over 8 years.