Involving Children in Adult Conversation Develops Their Vocabulary, Reports Maple Education

Aylesbury based private tutorial centre, Maple Education, has observed improved vocabulary and confidence boost in children after involving them in adult conversation.


Aylesbury, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/01/2013 -- Maple Education, one of the leading private tutorial centre in Aylesbury, today announced a report, which state that involving children in adult conversation develops their vocabulary.

It's a known fact that today's children have a much narrower vocabulary than their parents.  Certainly they speak and understand far fewer words than their grandparents and part of this shift is due to children not spending as much time in adult company.  It's common for children to spend most of their free time with their peers so extending their word range is dependent on how well spoken their contemporaries are.

Maple Education, the leading private tutorial school in Buckinghamshire, has begun a programme where each lesson begins with a conversion circle - the CC.  Each child is encouraged to speak about an event, an idea or a person with whom they interacted with recently.  The only rule is that they must use at least two new words in their presentation.  Amazingly investing in just two new words a week yields a word bonus plus an increase in confidence.  Within just one term the results are evident.

A classic example is Jake, aged 9.  Four weeks ago a typical CC offering from him would be:  "My dog was like, sick and my mum was sad and stuff".  This week, Jake's contribution to the circle was   "My sister and I spent a terrific day at Alton Towers on Sunday with my dad.  He was really generous and we enjoyed it".  Jakes two new words were 'terrific' and 'generous'.  He now applies these to other situations and has made an effort to cut out the word 'stuff' from his speaking and writing.

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