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INXPO Announces Its Integration with Marketo


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/05/2014 -- INXPO, creators of the next-generation webcasting platform and producers of award-winning online events, are pleased to announce an integration with Marketo – one of the industry’s leading marketing automation solution providers.

“This marks a milestone in the company’s history as being one of the first with a “direct connect” integration with Marketo,” explains Rich Hawkinson, Co-Founder and EVP of Product Services, from INXPO. “This allows users to push data bi-laterally between the two platforms giving marketers more flexibility and control of how they engage their audiences and measure their areas of interest, resulting in more qualified leads.”

With a growing demand for obtaining data, marketers today are looking for innovative ways to track and measure results. This new integration allows them to pass information from the moment of registration to the activities performed within an environment (webcast or online event) in real-time.

“On an event-by-event basis, depending on your preferences, each INXPO attendee can have their profile, registration details and/or activity pushed to Marketo,” as noted by Launchpoint, Marketo’s partner community, adding that this includes custom, standard profile and registration fields; survey response; polling responses, event login information; presentation viewing information, and document viewing information.

Over the years, INXPO has developed a growing reputation for its affordable and state-of-the-art webcasting solutions that feature impressive high touch audio and visual presentations that turn boring presentations into memorable experiences. They continue to set trends by developing strategic partnerships that benefit their customers and their audiences.

Learn more by visiting the Marketo’s LaunchPoint partner community page.

INXPO's next generation webcasting platform can be deployed as a link on a website or in an email, in an online virtual event on the company's award-winning event platform, or as part of an ongoing 365 community inside its Social Business TV product. In addition to delivering audio and video webcasts, the company complements these broadcasts with social tools that turn lackluster presentations into memorable experiences. INXPO has more than 3,000 successful online communications programs for global customers, including Autodesk, Cisco, Freeman, George P. Johnson, Hilton, HIMSS, P&G, PCMA, TechTarget, UBM and the U.S. Department of State.

To learn more about how INXPO can fit into an organization's existing communications strategy, please visit www.inxpo.com, email at reach@inxpo.com, or call (312) 962-3708.