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INXPO Is Named One of the 100 Companies That Matter Most in Online Video


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/19/2013 -- INXPO, a company that has developed an award winning webcasting and online events platform, has been named one of the “100 Companies that Matter Most in Online Video” by Streaming Media. The list of companies, which are among the most influential and powerful in the streaming video industry, was published in the October/November, 2013 issue of the magazine, as well as on its website. As the article noted, this year’s list was more competitive than ever.

"We are very excited about making this exclusive list," said Malcolm Lotzof, CEO from INXPO. "Our next generation webcasting and online events technology does more than just deliver information, it engages your audience and promotes collaboration in a way that is lasting, effective, and most importantly, produces an unforgettable experience.”

INXPO has developed a strong reputation for its cost-effective webcasting solutions. From family owned companies to large enterprises that have thousands of employees, companies of all sizes have successfully used INXPO’s webcasting platform to help reach an international audience. In turn, this approach can drastically improve a company’s return on investment.

In addition to helping deliver high-quality audio and video webcasts, INXPO can accompany them with social tools that will help transform presentations into memorable ones. The software enables people to deliver live and interactive communications programs that incorporate social elements like polls, moderated Q and A, live chat and social activity walls, to make sure their audience is engaged and they’re receiving actionable feedback.

Webcasting and online events have changed how companies communicate with their customers, partners, employees and other key stakeholders. INXPO is at the forefront of this technology by providing flexible, cost effective, and interactive online events that go beyond conventional presentations. With an innovative pricing model, INXPO's clients receive valued services at prices and subscription rates that provide "more for less."

INXPO's next generation webcasting platform can be deployed as a link on a website or in an email, in an online virtual event on the company's award-winning event platform, as part of an ongoing 365 community, or inside its 100 percent self-service Social Business TV product. In addition to delivering audio and video webcasts, the company complements these broadcasts with social tools that turn lackluster presentations into memorable experiences. INXPO has hosted more than 3,000 successful online communications programs for global customers, including Autodesk, Cisco, Freeman, George P. Johnson, Hilton, HIMSS, P&G, PCMA, TechTarget, UBM and the U.S. Department of State.

To learn more about how INXPO can fit into an organization's existing communications strategy, please visit www.inxpo.com, email at contactsales@inxpo.com, or call (312) 962-3708.