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iOS 6 Causes Mysterious Battery Drain in iPhone 4s

iPhone 4s users who downloaded iOS6 as operating software are raging about the rapid battery drain the OS is causing.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/11/2012 -- iPhone 4s users who downloaded iOS6 as operating software are raging about the rapid battery drain the OS is causing.

Some users are calling this a phone killer and strident calls for Apple to do something about the problem are growing rapidly.

“Users have a right to be upset about this,” said John Hilaire owner of , a company that sells protective mobile phone cases. “In the first case a lot of people were not happy with the battery life to begin with. With the new OS draining the battery that much faster, Apple has taken a major step backward in smartphone tech.”

Exactly what's causing the battery drain is not known right now. Apple's online support forums and other Apple-related boards are buzzing with complaints and hopes for a fix.

In contrast the new iPhone 5 which has a bigger screen is proving to have good battery life. A screen is a major power consumer in smartphones. The larger the screen, the more juice it pulls.

“That makes it pretty obvious the problem is with the iOS and how it works with the iPhone 4s. Apple really needs to get this fixed as fast as possible. Frankly, iOS 6 should not have been released until this problem was fixed,” Mr. Hilaire said. “I just can't believe Apple didn't know the OS was going to do this to batteries.”

The vampire-like iOS 6 may also be hitting the incredibly popular iPad as well. While reports are not as common, some users are posting decreased battery life.

In one of Apple's forums, user Vincethu said he charged his 4s every two days. That's pretty good battery life for a cell phone. He reported with iOS 6 he needs to recharge several times a day. After he removed a bunch of apps and reduced the available options, the battery lasts longer, “but my phone is as useful as a Nokia from the 90's,” he said.

Equally mystifying in this matter is the problem doesn't happen all the time. Some users report the 4s works fine for a while and then starts drawing power like mad. They cannot find any reason for this.

One possible drain some users have ID'd is Facebook. After stopping Facebook, except on demand, some users report their battery consumption returns to normal. This has not been a universal experience however.

“It's also not right, shutting of Facebook,” Mr. Hilaire said. “A lot of people have the 4s because they can get immediate Facebook updates. It is how they communicate and stay on top of things. Manually opening the app and manually closing it each time just runs contrary to the ease of use in the iPhone.”

Apple has suggested resetting the phone as “new phone.” That has not solved the problem of rapid battery drain. So far that has met with no success.

In addition to this, some users who downloaded iOS 6 reported it has killed the WiFi. Unlike the battery drain, this one is not happening everywhere. Only some users are experiencing this problem.

“Again, Apple needs to step up and fix this immediately. This is the kind of thing that should have been caught in beta testing,” Mr. Hilaire said.

Yet a third problem has also been reported in some cases. The Music app disappears. Unlike the other reported problems, this one seems easy to fix. Go to Settings -> General -> Reset and select Reset Network Settings.

The problem is the update somehow turned off the music app.

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