IP Technology Group Inc.

IP Technology Group Opens Search for Solar Panel Research Partners

Seeking Innovative Researchers for Radical Change in thinking for solar panel design


Melville, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/12/2014 -- The IP Technology Group Inc., a think tank comprised of inventors and creative thinkers, announced today that it is opening a search for Partners to assist in research and development of a new solar panel technology. IP Technology Group is looking for researchers that can augment its existing technology and realize the potential to eliminate the need for glass and anti-reflective coatings for Solar panels, making them cheaper to manufacture, while maintaining or increasing current efficiencies. The goal of the research partnerships is to achieve a design for cheaper solar panels with greater efficiency, without glass and anti-reflective layers, could be possible with a radical change in the way solar panels are manufactured.

“The new technology can be a real game changer,” said Jeffery Greco, a spokesperson for the group. “I think the real benefit here will be to the consumer as well as the environment. When you have something that can make an even greater impact like this technology, it means that one day it will be affordable for everyone to buy solar panels and ultimately we will use less fossil fuel and reduce carbon emissions.” Greco noted that the cost of solar panels has come down considerably as manufacturing costs decrease globally and this technology will only add to the cost reduction.

The IP Technology Group’s has a patent pending solar panel technology that is in the early stages of development. It is unique in its ability to not require anti-reflective coatings to be included in the manufacturing process to include the glass layer and aluminum housing. The Company is currently looking for a partner to assist in the research and development and is open to working with the department of energy and private public companies. They may also seek crowd funding to develop the initial technologies themselves.

About IP Technology Group
The IP Technology Group is an inventor’s think tank predicated on solving the world’s energy problems through invention. The company is unable to disclose at this stage how this is accomplished due to its proprietary patent pending technology, but eliminating the current design approach is a giant step in the direction of cheaper and more efficient solar panels.

For more information about the company please visit their website, http://www.iptechnologygroup.com

For more information on partnering on the solar project please contact Jeff Greco, at jgreco@iptechnologygroup.com