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iPad Remote Desktop Controls Computer from Anywhere


Wichita Falls, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/17/2012 -- Think about how handy it would be to control a computer at home or the office using an iPad.

With several iPad remote desktop clients available from Apple app store market, it's just a matter of choosing the right one to interface between the iPad and the other computer.

The website takes a look at the apps and how they function. The website author examines them mostly in the light of how well and how they work when interfacing with Windows-based systems.

The various operating systems each of the apps uses is also discussed. The author takes time to explain what is good about each and advantages. Disadvantages, most dealing with security protocols, are less discussed but are important. Remote access doesn't greatly increase or decrease security in a computer system but it is one more thing which must be watched.

In one recent post, the author takes a look at remote desktop operations using OpenVPN. He notes this is a good system because it allows server and enterprise management, something people who oversee networks may be interested in.

He also integrates the cloud into the remote desktop functions in one piece. He notes one app, SplashTop, gets high reviews from experts in the field, but it also requires a server app be running on every desktop on the network. This may not be something everyone wants, which is why his review is available to all. With this information, they can decide.

Ipad remote desktop apps allow access to everything in the computer and control over the computer. This is especially useful for people who use a computer to store files and programs they need somewhere else.

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