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iParentingLife.com Offers a Sittercity Promo Code to Help Parents Save on Child Care

Finding Quality Child Care Becomes Easier with the Help of Promo Codes Such as This


San Jose, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/28/2013 -- Child care workers tend to be some of the happiest when it comes to their occupation. According to Statistic Brain, child care workers rank 21st on the list of occupation happiness statistics, with a rating of 2.29. Clergymen top the list with a happiness index of 2.66. "When choosing a sitter for your child, remember that most in this field choose it willingly, rather than being forced into a career just to make a living. Sittercity helps parents find the perfect match for their family, one who becomes part of the family unit rather than an employee," Stephanie Parker of iParentingLife.com declares.

Parents know how difficult it can be to find child care that is not only affordable, but trustworthy and qualified. In certain parts of the country, parents keep a sitter on retainer for those times when they want an evening away. If they didn't take this step, they would find having a night out alone becomes impossible as quality child care cannot be found. "Sittercity solves this problem by offering a number of sitters in one location. Parents now have options when it comes to child care, making life easier in many ways," Ms. Parker continues.

As money continues to be tight for many families, discounts, coupon codes and special offers become of great importance. Parents looking to save while finding child care for their loved ones appreciate the sittercity promo code currently available at iParentingLife.com. "To help parents and families with their budgets, we feature special promos from Sittercity that offer some significant discounts on annual as well as monthly memberships. Our site visitors have expressed appreciation for these promos since finding a sitter no longer has to cost a fortune with the help of these discounts," Ms. Parker goes on to say.

iParentingLife doesn't stop here either. They offer a number of parenting tips and general information to assist parents with every aspect of child raising. "Families no longer live in close proximity to each other so parents don't have the option of calling a grandparent, aunt or uncle for child care or advice on child rearing. iParentingLife.com works to fill this gap by providing the information and tools parents most want and need at any given time," Ms. Parker states.

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