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IP.Board to bbPress: An Innovative Migration Plugin


Ternopil, Ukraine -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/17/2014 -- Automated migration service CMS2CMS has a pleasure to introduce the recent contribution to its service - CMS2CMS: IP.Board to bbPress Migration Plugin . This exclusive WordPress plugin makes it possible to transfer forum data from one platform to another automatically and with no programming skills required.

Proclaimed Benefits of CMS2CMS:

1. Ease-of-Use
CMS2CMS has been specifically designed with the end-users in mind so that there is no need in extra coding knowledge or programming skills in order to set up the conversion process from IP.Board to bbPress.

2. Speedy Performance
A full-scale migration takes up from 15 minutes to a couple of hours to migrate all the content across forum boards. An overall time depends on the amount of pages, threads and other forum data.

3. Free Demo Trial
FREE Demo Migration allows to test CMS2CMS service in action by importing a limited number of pages from one forum to another.

4. Migration Setup Assistance
The assistance is FREE and is provided by CMS2CMS Support Team during all the migration path.

Content Types Available for Migration

CMS2CMS service allows the transferring of the following entities:

- Forums/Categories
The hierarchy and forum relations are persisted on the new forum board after the conversion process is complete.

- Forum Posts and Replies
Posting data such as author, reply content, subject, attachment, date of publication are switched directly to a new bbPress board.

- Topics/Threads
Migration of topic items including title, content, author, publishing date is possible.

- Forum Users
Users’ personal information (including username, email, personal details, registration date, signature, etc.) can be imported from one forum to another.

- Forum Tags
All the tags ascribed to posts and threads are moved.

- Forum attachments
All the files attached to posts, comments or replies are transferred automatically.

For additional information concerning IP.Board to bbPress Migration visit this page:

Innovative and unique migration service CMS2CMS aims to make a website and forum migration process accessible for everyone. It is a new kind of a web-service, which has been specifically developed in order to simplify the migration process across CMS and forum softwares.

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