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iPhone 4S ,4 & iPod Touch iOS 6 Jailbreak and Unlock Released, Cydia Included

iOS 6 Untethered jailbreak iphone 5/4s/3gs ios 5.1.1 and Unlock Released by Smart Unlock Solutions!


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/16/2012 -- News from different insiders announce untethered iOS 6 jailbreak and factory unlock for iPhone 5 ,iPhone 4S/4 and iPhone 3Gs .

The release of a program that allows you to jailbreak iOS 6 untethered for iPhone 4S , 3GS, 4, 5 and permanent factory unlock for iPhone 4S/4/3GS has been presented via Smart Unlock's official website at :

Important news came from Hack In The Box conference in 2012, which was held last Friday in a Malaysian hotel and attended by many famous geeks. The debate around latest iOS 6 untethered jailbreak is finally over . Smart Unlock Ltd has released Sap Shield V.1.7, new software able to jailbreak and unlock iPhone 5,Iphone 4S/4 and 3Gs up to iOS 6 for any baseband version .

The new application is available for download at : and it has already been confirmed and proven successful for iOS 6 jailbreak and unlock procedure .

Pod2g has confirmed the difficulties, since many of the tricks used for the previous 5.1.1 jailbreak are no longer effective for the iPhone 5.

According to the company the new software has been simplified as much as possible and Sap Shield V.1.7 unlock and jailbreak procedure is now very easy to complete even by inexperienced iDevice users. team guarantees iOS 6 jailbreak and permanent factory unlock for iPhone 5 , iPhone 4S/4/3Gs iOS 6 /5.1.1 or lower version for any baseband including : 4.12.01, 4.12.02, 3.0.04 .

Technicians from Smart Unlock Solutions confirmed that iOS 6 jailbreak and unlock application was not easy to complete , especially after Apple closed the loopholes found in the previous iOS 5 and it was extremely difficult to find an exploit .

The team reported that, together with other colleagues, have discovered two bugs in the kernel level which are sufficient to allow the jailbreak of iOS 6, untethered type , allowing iDevice owners to perform a permanent factory unlock using IMEI hack .

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