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London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/08/2014 -- The iPhone 5s is like an unrealized dream come true. It is a gadget that once a person owns, they can never get rid of it in their lives. It has its very own operating system that comes with the phone specifically and is not available in any other gadget. The engineers and experts at the Apply headquarters have been able to retain the original sleek and high-end design intact while newer and more innovative features have been added to the phone itself.

The added features are not just there for raising the price but have been added to actually up the performance of the hone itself. Despite these benefits it is very difficult for people to get their hands on a cheap iPhone 5s.

The team of professionals at are providing a cheap iPhone 5s 32GB for only $399. That is a whopping drop from the original price of the iPhone which, according to recent Apple updates, currently costs $749. Here, the users are able to buy an unlocked version of the iPhone. Before delving further in to that, let’s look at a few more features of the iPhone 5s. Firstly, the Touch ID has been making big headlines across the globe. One only needs to place their fingers on the Home screen or Home Button and the phone will be able to recognize the user’s fingerprints. The phone will them automatically unlock. The fingerprint feature can also be used to approve purchases in the App store on the Apple device or the iTunes store.

The team provides a cheap iPhone 5s unlocked in a great condition (nearly brand new) for a very low cost. For the people who are unaware of what an unlocked phone means; read on. Unlocked phones are those that are not linked with one particular service provider alone. This means that users who have bought an unlocked phone are able to use SIMs from all networks. Apply iPhones were linked permanently to Verizon and AT&T. However, an unlocked phone would allow users to place Virgin SIMs in the phone as well.

Other benefits of cheap iPhone 5s unlocked 32 GB is the enhanced retina display allows an 8 MP iSight camera that results in great results. An ultra-fast wireless system and A7 and M7 chips have increased the phone’s appeal. People who order now will get the delivery in either one or two business days at the most. The offer comes with an original Apple warranty.

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