Three New iPhone Models to Hit the Market in 2013: iPhone 5S, iPhone Math and iPhone Mini


Silver Spring, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/29/2013 -- The iPhone 5S, iPhone Math and iPhone Mini release dates for all three models are scheduled for June and July of this year. The iPhone 5S release date has been heavily anticipated. In October of 2011, many hopeful Apple customers waited in wrap around lines for the new edition to the iPhone family, only to discover they were waiting for an iPhone 4S. This year the rumors say Apple will be unleashing a whole family of iPhone models for Apple fans, those who want to be apple fans.

According to, a technology site the iPhone 5S release date may give customers the gift of an updated handset, since the current iPhone 5 handsets are so fragile. A Washington Post review on the iPhone Math release date, raises buyers hopes of a seeing larger screen space, a display of 4.8-inches to be exact. Of course this is only a rumor because the new models are not event out yet and media outlets are speculating on leaked information.

Unlike the other revamp models, customer may be underwhelmed on the iPhone Mini release date since it may be just a repackaged iPhone 4S, according to a recent article.

Apple needs to bring more variety to market if it wants to continue to compete with Android Smartphones. company official Marcel Fisher said, “Apple really needs more than one iPhone to successfully compete with the Samsung Galaxy and Note Lines. Releasing 3 iPhone models will put Apple back on top”

If the rumors are true, on iPhone Math release date the Galaxy S4 will have a new competitor. Corporate executive, Susie Alison said she was interested in seeing something new form Apple and the iPhone 5S, iPhone Math and iPhone Mini may just be that something new.

“It’s about time Apple decides to give customers choices as opposed to just one iPhone. I’m very interested to see how the larger iPhone Math will compete with the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4. The iPhone Mini will put Apple in a league of their own!” Alison said.

iPhone 5S vs. Galaxy S4 may be the next PC vs. Apple war or it may simply mean more choices for Apple customers or perspective Apple customers. Apple definitely looks like it wants to expand its market share. On the release date of the iPhone 5S, iPhone Math and iPhone Mini everyone is going to have some drama to look forward to as they separate the myth from the reality.

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