New App Makes Sending Texts Even Easier With Embedded Acronyms


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/30/2012 -- Text messaging is the new way to communicate, but communication comes with its own set of rules and words. These new words, often acronyms, shorten a text message. This makes the text far easier to read and can be sent quickly. Two apps, available on both Android and iPhone, streamlines the conversation to family, friends and co-workers. Let them know your status with a quick, easy response.

The OTGA Directory, On The Go Acronym, is now available in two versions. Version One of OTGA is free for both platforms and contains 46 acronyms for quick responses for people in a hurry or behind a wheel. The OTGA v2 is available as well for only $0.99.

The OTGA v2 allows a user to create personal acronyms in addition to the 46 pre-installed. Editing functions allow for adding, deleting or updating the directory. Founder of Next Level Applications, LLC and creator of the OTGA app Survon Narcisse has this to say, “My goal from the onset was to create a very simple mobile app that anyone could use.”

Survon comes to the app world with no background in technology. He created this app for the marketplace by outsourcing the technical parts, but the design, text and functionality is 100% original to Survon. He continues, “I also truly believe that every phone should have this application. It's so simple to use, and yet it allows a user to get creative with their very own acronyms.”

Interested parties may download either versions of app by going to