Latest Product Features Phone Case with a Built-in Calculator

The CalcCase features a calculator found on the back of the phone case, making calculations at any time and place easier.


Wheaton, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/15/2013 -- We can all relate to this situation: having to do some calculations at a restaurant or grocery store in a hurry. The problem is, we may have to sift through everything in our purse in order to locate a calculator, or it may take time to locate one on our phones.

Now, with the CalcCase you can simply find the calculator on the back of your Smartphone’s case—an innovative way to calculating on the go.

The CalcCase, the latest product to go live on, is described as a Smartphone case with an integrated, thin calculator on the back of the case. With the CalcCase, you not only protect your Smartphone, but have the luxury of an easily accessible working calculator available.

“I always carry my phone around with me and I am constantly spending good money to buy simple everyday phone cases,” explained one of the founders behind the CalcCase. “I thought it would be so much easier to have a working calculator on that back of my case that I have with me at all times. Once I had my own Calculator Case, I found I use it all the time in multiple situations, and I now cannot live without it.”

CalcCase is useful for a variety of situations—when at home adding up bills, in a store figuring out the total price for groceries, or at work when you’re figuring your overtime pay. This is the perfect tool for small business owners, and for shoppers needing to calculate discounts. Those that enjoy going to restaurants often will be pleased with the CalcCase’s split bill calculator function, which will help to calculate tips and split the bill among parties easily.

Another advantage to CalcCase is that it’s much more convenient than using the calculator app found on your phone.

“Yes you could use an app to do the calculation, but when you are in a hurry, it is a pain to wake up your Smartphone, unlock the screen, find the right calculator app and finally do the calculation,” the founders of CalcCase explained. “ Besides, when you use your phone you are also using your precious battery minutes.”

CalcCase is suitable for all ages, from teens and students who will be attracted to the retro look of the Smartphone case, to senior citizens.

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Latest product CalcCase was invented by John and Kathy, based in Wheaton, Illinois.

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