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Spilling the Beans on Replica iPhone Repair Parts -

Express iPhone Repair in Leeds is a reliable and professional Apple iPhone repair services based in West Yorkshire, United Kingdom.Joshua Lee (Assistant Technician) spills the beans on side street repair shops and cheap replica iPhone parts and repairs.


Chapel Allerton, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/22/2013 -- With our fast pace lifestyles its amazing how we get the little day to day things done. Our iPhone has become our right arm (left arm if your left handed). Many know only too well how fragile the iPhone is due to its beautifully crafted glass front and back screen, so like many out there who drop there beloved iPhone its difficult to know who to turn to, and who to trust with it should something go wrong. Over the last couple of years as the popularity of Apple products have grown, so has the competition to repair them. Industry experts know only too well Apple guard there parts vigorously, only supplying them directly to there stores, or Apple authorized service providers. The iPhone is also one of a few Apple products that Apple stores and providers will not repair. The only option is an costly exchange. So with this in mind who can you trust to do the job professionally, and reliably? Express iPhone repair Leeds Was put together by a long term Apple technician following many complaints he had heard in regards to poor quality side street repair services using cheap replica parts from China. Joshua of Express iPhone repair explained that the cost of the iPhone is in the £100's of pound so people really need to step back when there being offered a iPhone repair for just a few pounds.

Joshua Lee said that low quality iPhone screens have flooded the market over the last couple of years and on first inspection the screen are difficult to tell apart. So how does one tell the difference? firstly the color of the screen in comparison to the home button doesn't always match, secondly the screen doesn't seem as responsive as the original, Joshua also went onto say that when you press down on the screen sometimes you can see bubbling of the internal dyes. It also interesting to know that the life span of a replica screen can be quite short. Many of these parts cost next to nothing and the original from Apple is a solid product. iPhone repair services are a specialist job, a repair process best left to professionals with a background in electronic engineering, as well as Apple repair experience. Too many people watch a Youtube video and think they are a repair expert.

It important to know that the iPhone is a very tricky gadget to work on. There are so many small parts, and pit falls along the way that could permanently damage it. Joshua Lee of went on to say that all too often iPhone's are brought into the shop following previously bodged repair services! Screws missing or in the wrong place, brackets missing, wrong parts used, wrong screws put in the wrong place. There was a famous news story some months back of an iPhone catching fire on a plane, it turned out that the guy who repaired it left a small screw under the battery that had in turn punctured it (some food for thought). Express repair in Leeds West Yorkshire are a premier iPhone screen repair center. The company is part of the Mac Repair Leeds brand, that operates in and around the whole of the UK.

I know for one thing from now on I'm really going to ask more questions to any repair engineer when it comes to my beloved gadgets, especially my iPhone, Mac, or iPad. Sometimes if time permits you should ask the repair technician if you can watch while he repairs your item, at least that way you can have the best peace of mind. Always research the repair company prior to getting any work done. The best advice is always do your home work prior to any repair, and you won't go too far wrong.