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Wales, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/29/2013 -- If one is suffering the inconvenience of having a broken or non-functional iPhone, they do not need to look any further. They can repair their iPhones with iPhoneFixed. The company is currently one of the most dedicated and professional teams knowledgeable about all iPhone problems that can be fixed in a matter of hours if not minutes. Their expertise and experience does not limit itself with the latest version of the iPhone, they strive their best to bring the best service and professionalism to every iPhone model existent from the 3G version all the way to the latest iPhone 5.

One of the most common problems that iPhone owners have with respect to their iPhones is the broken, impacted or cracked screen. The solution to this screen problem is at the palm of their hands when they browse the company’s wide variety of screen repair solutions with specialization in screen repair, given that it is the most common problem there is with respect to iPhones. The fully trained team will use the latest techniques to repair the screen of the iPhone in no time. All replacements used for screen repair are guaranteed to be original Apple parts within the best degree of quality for display. Apart from this technique, the professional team will make sure that the screen responds effectively to touch and other essential electronic conductivity within the iPhone’s hardware.

The second most aggravating problem that iPhone owners have is any kind of damage to the internal components of the iPhone, whether they are water damage, submersion, battery leakage, electrical malfunction or any other physical or hardware problem. If any iPhone owner is currently experiencing this, the company asks them to relax. All these internal problems can be quickly and effectively solved at iPhoneFixed. They specialize in looking carefully at all internal parts of the iPhone, diagnosing any level of damage and using the latest and most advanced techniques to properly solve these issues apart from broken or cracked screens.

The team also know how frustrating and challenging it can be to find replacement parts that work well and have the best degree of quality suitable for Apple original replacement parts. At iPhoneFixed the team specializes in offering high quality replacement parts that will solve any kind of problem there is with regards to malfunction or damage to iPhone parts. Customers have been more than delighted to know that the team at iPhoneFixed also offers these replacement parts for convenience and installation. Customers needing help and assistance in installing these replacement parts can fully count with the team’s assistance and level of professionalism as well.

For those iPhone owners who prefer a Do-It Yourself approach to replacement parts installation, they can surely count on the team’s assistance as well in terms of guides, suggestions and recommendations along the installation process.

There have been many situations where iPhone owners have dropped, knocked or somehow unintentionally caused some damage to their iPhones without even noticing. When this occurs, iPhone owners do not know exactly what has happened to their iPhone and what should be the precise steps to repair it. At iPhoneFixed a comprehensive diagnostic is offered to check and verify any major problems that may have occurred to the iPhone itself, and then recommend the owner what steps must be taken in order to repair the iPhone. In the majority of cases, it is very likely that the professional team, where customers can obtain a full diagnostic and the solution to the given problems of the iPhone in one single place.

The standard colour for an iPhone is either a black or a white. The team knows how creative, open-minded and contemporary iPhone owners can be, and that is the main reason of why they offer an iPhone colour change service, which enables users to change the color of their iPhone screen, back panels and home button in a matter of days. The professional and creative team can also incorporate bright colored patterns, designs and textures onto the iPhone if customers would like to also apply these creative approaches. A colorful twist for the customers’ iPhone will be a major creative approach from their own personality and it works very well until Apple finally decides to offer different coloured iPhones in the near future.

Just like finding replacement parts can be a challenge, finding reliable and high quality iPhone accessories can also be a challenging process. At iPhoneFixed a wide variety of creative, colorful, clever and innovative iPhone accessories are offered that go beyond the standard allocation of iPhone accessories in the market. Some of these accessories include various bumper cases for the iPhone in different colors, ultra-thin wireless keyboards, silicone based amplifier speakers, magnetic straps, screen protectors, touch gloves and other fun accessories that are meant to be liked, enjoyed and suitable for all forms of personalities.

iPhoneFixed differentiates itself with the ability to bring the best professional service at an excellent competitive cost for customers within the United Kingdom. An ample level of experience, excellence in services, customer reviews and friendly approach toward customers have earned the company great reputation on the internet as the best iPhone repair teams present nationwide. Competitive costs also guarantee affordability and the satisfaction to receive an excellent service.

For these reasons, customers are invited to come over and browse all the different services available as well as accessories offered at the shop in iPhoneFixed. If one is looking for a reliable iPhone repair service no matter what has happened to it, they can count on the team and do not have to wait to have a translucent, like-new iPhone once again in their hands like the first day it was bought.

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